Reminisce about all your old favorites.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t bring out your inner nerd. While your partner might have asked you to tone it down a bit, there’s still plenty of room for nerd wear in the cupboard.

Bring back those nerdy days by rediscovering your old collection and adding to it.

Let’s check out the best places to find excellent nerd wear.

How to Find the Best Nerd Shirts

With nerdy t-shirts, you can discover old favorites and new hits. It might have been a while since you spent your pocket money on the latest fandom purchase. Let’s take a look at where to get the very best nerdy apparel.

Design by Humans

Image via TeeTech

Design by Humans is a unique online store that specializes in creating the best nerd t-shirt experience you could hope to find. They do this by creating a platform where artists from around the world can come together and share their creativity with one another. Their medium is a blank t-shirt. Their result is some of the best nerd shirts you’ll come across.

The sky’s the limit with Design by Humans. Because they are a collective apparel company that empowers the artist and leaves the creativity in your hands, there’s nothing you can’t get printed on a tee.

Some of their best-selling shirts include original Star Wars designs and geometric animals. While you have the opportunity to design your t-shirt, there’s an existing range that is sure to fire up your inner nerd power.

Design by Humans is a great way to explore other people’s art. You never know, you might come across the print you’ve been looking for all along.

Geek Shirts for Every Occasion

There’s a lot of franchises out there that have captured the hearts and minds of enthusiastic geeks everywhere. Naturally, the next step would be to hunt down all your favorite merchandise. Let’s take a look at where you can get the best geek shirts.

Think Geek offers the very best in geek shirts. They work hard to create and share unique experiences with their customers that satisfy that geek craving, whatever franchise you’re obsessed with.

Think Geek has been at it since 1999. With almost twenty years’ experience, their mission is to create a community that brings like-minded geeks together from all over the globe who can connect on familiar ground.

It is now one of the best places online to discover those clever t-shirts that sum up exactly how you feel about your passion.

Whether you’re into Indiana Jones, Star Wars or a die-hard Batman fan, there’s the perfect geek shirt for you. From the most serious geek homage to the downright witty, Think Geek has thought of everything when it comes to the best geek shirts for every occasion.

While your partner might struggle at first, they’ll eventually get used to it again.

The Best Geek Clothing Out There

Now you know where to find the best nerd and geek shirts the internet has to offer. There’s a wide range out there, and it can be easy to get lost. If you’re looking to broaden your scope and find as much geek clothing as you can get your hands on, let’s check out Redbubble.


Image via Symone Books

The best thing about Redbubble is their ability to bring people together through their merchandise. You might be looking for a shirt with an evil cat on it, or a phone case with a donut running away. You could even have spent the last year trying to find an astronaut surfing on the stars.

The good news is, you’ll find it here at Redbubble. Even if your imagination has run wild and you’re convinced your idea hasn’t made it onto clothing, you’re bound to find something similar.

Redbubble has one of the biggest ranges of geek clothing on the internet. Because they team up with anybody who is slightly artistic with a design concept, there’s almost no limit to what they’ll produce.

Whether you’re an artist yourself or just a fanned-out geek looking for your thoughts on a t-shirt, you’re highly likely to find it at Redbubble.

Owning the Best Nerd Wear

Being a nerd has never been easier. Once upon a time, you had to trawl through dusty shops to extract the t-shirt you rang up about earlier. Even when you found it, the chances of it being in your size were slim.

Now all of that is online, at your fingertips, ready to be worn. It’s in your size too, and it’s guaranteed not to be dusty.

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