Watch Gang is a monthly watch subscription service that has one goal in mind: to get new people excited about watches, and they want to accomplish this by helping individuals to start and grow their watch collection.

Now here is an interesting question, in a day with so much technology readily available, are watches really all that essential? According to Matthew Gallagher, the founder of Watch Gang, that answer is yes.

What Is Watch Gang And What Does It Offer Consumers?

Matthew Gallagher first founded Watch Gang on September 19th, 2016. Gallagher admits that he always had a bit of a thing for watches, but while growing up, he believed that they really weren’t anything more than accessories.

He goes on to state that it wasn’t until his father passed away that he realized that a watch really could be something more than a simple accessory and that it could hold so much meaning. When Gallagher’s father passed, he received his father’s 1953 vintage Rolex.

“It was a pivotal moment for me. I lost such an important person, but I was left with something so special.”

Sure, Gallagher’s mission is to provide the masses with watches to help mix up their style, but he also hopes that someone else may see that a watch can be so much more than a simple accessory.

So How Does Watch Gang Work Exactly?

This subscription service partners with watchmakers worldwide to bring subscribers new brands and styles each and every month. Users start by choosing the membership that best suits their needs. Currently, Watch Gang offers three membership options, but we’ll talk about those shortly. What’s best is that subscribers can cancel any time.

The company will then ship members their watches on the 16th of each month. The watches are not only guaranteed and backed by factory warranties but are also fully insured.

While subscribers don’t get to pick their watches each month, they can update their preferences in their account to help the company curate a watch that fits each person’s personal style. The best part of this subscription is that the watches are yours to keep.

How Is Watch Gang Different From Other Clothes Subscription Boxes?

Unlike many other subscription services that focus on accessories, Watch Gang offers subscribers quality watches that are not being rented out. That’s right; these watches are bought and delivered for each individual subscriber to keep as their own.

Depending on which membership option is chosen, watches will vary. The pricing on each item is determined on what the marketplace values them at. According to the site, watches are not based off MSRP. They price their watches based on where they are selling and for how much.

“For instance, if a Citizen watch is being sold in a jewelry store for $300, but is stocked online for $180, we use $180 to determine the value. We do not base our values from auction sites due to the nature of their operations.”

Watch Gang Pricing Options For Different Budgets

Watch Gang offers three different subscription options for members. The first is the Watch Gang Original option and the second is the Watch Gang Black option. Finally, the third option is the Watch Gang Platinum option.

Watch ​​​​Gang Original

Watch Gang Original

The original membership includes “mostly fashionable,” but well-made watches that use high-quality Japanese quartz movements. 

Watch Gang Black

Watch Gang Black

The Watch Gang Black option offers mostly watches with automatic or Swiss Quartz movements, and the brands are either premium microbrands that have gotten a great start on Kickstarter or brands are as well known as Citizen. 

Watch Gang Platinum

Watch Gang Platinum

The Watch Gang Platinum membership option is a bit newer than the previous two but offers more luxury watches to enthusiasts. These watches are either premium microbrands or large name brands that have Japanese or Swiss Automatic Movements. 

What Do Consumers Think Of Watch Gang?

Watch Gang is one of the more popular watch subscription boxes currently on the market. That being said, what do the consumers have to say about the company and its services?

Below we have compiled a detailed look at what fellow consumers had to say.


While researching customer reviews for Watch Gang, we found that many users found this service to be an enjoyable one with many neat perks.

One of the most complimented aspects of this subscription service was the fact that there were multiple subscription price options. A lot of individuals talked about how they simply wanted to begin or grow their watch collections, which this service offers. At around $30 a month for a new watch of good quality, it really is no surprise that many found this service worth the money.

Other consumers heavily complimented the company on the overall quality of their watches, even for the lower subscription options. Many watch subscription boxes on the market are dinged because the overall quality feels cheap. With Watch Gang, people feel like they are getting more than their money’s work, which is a major winning point for services such as these.

Fans of this watch service also complimented Watch Gang on their overall variety of watches that they send out. The goal of the company is to help users create and build their very own watch collections. For many, especially men, watches are their only accessories, and many times, watches begin to all look the same. That doesn’t seem to be the case with this service.

Finally, this monthly watch service gained major points with consumers because they ship internationally. This isn’t the case for all watch services, so that helps to put this company ahead of its competitors.


While Watch Gang had a lot of compliments from consumers, there were a few notable complaints that should be addressed for those that are looking to maybe subscribe to this monthly watch box.

One of the biggest issues users of this service has seemed to be the fact that there are no returns, so if your watch isn’t quite your style or doesn’t fit right, you can’t return it for something new. However, there is a Watch Gang Exchange group on Facebook where you may sell or trade your unwanted watch to other members.

While not necessarily a bad thing, many did comment that they wished this service catered to both men and women, not just men. However, ladies, let’s be fair here, there are countless numbers of accessory and makeup subscriptions tailed to females only.

So, is it really a bad thing that men have a quality watch subscription just for themselves? Then again, what is stopping a woman from giving these watches a try? After all, many women love the larger sized watches that men typically get.

Finally, there were a few people that stated that the cancellation process could be a bit tricky. While there are no cancelation fees associated with ending your monthly subscription, you have to do it do it before your next billing date. If you wait, then you will be charged for the next month’s watch, but then that will be your final charge.

There is also a not that canceling prepaid plans after your first watch has shipped will incur a 20% fee.

How Does Watch Gang Compare to Its Competitors?

Unlike makeup and clothing subscription boxes, watch subscriptions are a little less known, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some good competition for Watch Gang.

That being said, let’s take a few minutes to look at a few of their competitors, shall we?

  • Multiple Subscription Options
  • Good Quality Watches
  • International Shipping Available
  • Variety
  • Value for Money
  • No Returns
  • Caters Only to Men
  • Cancellation Can be Tricky

Wrist Society

Wrist Society

The Wrist Society is another monthly watch subscription service that allows users a new watch every month. The purpose of this subscription is to help individuals to create a watch collection at an affordable price. This service is catered towards men and offers two different subscription options: Noble and Elite.

Monthly Watch Club

Monthly Watch Club

Monthly Watch Club is a watch subscription company out of Canada that offers watches for both men and women. Subscribers have different payment options, one of them being a monthly subscription. They also have the choice to prepay either three months or six months at a time.

Our Final Thoughts On Watch Gang

Watch Gang

While the competition in the watch subscription services seems to be growing ever tighter, Watch Gang is a leader in our eyes. Sure, they get dinged for no returns and for only catering to men, but both of those issues are arguably considering women have numerous accessory subscription options and the fact that Watch Gang has its own watch exchange group that allows users to trade and sell unwanted watches.

So, after looking over what Watch Gang had to offer and after looking at how it compares to some of its competitors, we firmly believe that Watch Gang scores high in the subscription services.

The fact that they have the exchange group and offer multiple subscription tiers all played into our final rating. The great customer reviews also played a big part. Ultimately, we were impressed by not only these factors but the fact that these watches are of great quality materials and often retail at a much higher price than the cost of your monthly subscription.

So, is Watch Gang worth the cost? Based on the points mentioned above and what consumers have had to say, we would vote absolutely.

Comparison Table

Product Name



Watch Gang Original

Watch Gang Original

Watch Gang Black

Watch Gang Black

Watch Gang Platinum

Watch Gang Platinum

Wrist Society

Wrist Society

Monthly Watch Club

Monthly Watch Club

Coupons And Deals For Watch Gang Subscribers

While scouring the internet for coupons and deals for those interested in trying the Watch Gang subscription service, we came across a few different options.

First of all, we came across a number of different couponing sites that offered a wide variety of coupon options for use with Watch Gang. RetailMeNot had options for 50% off first-month purchase, free shipping for your first watch and even 10% off your first month.

While RetailMeNot didn’t mention any verified statuses on their coupons for Watch Gang, Groupon did offer up one verified coupon under their Groupon Exclusives. This coupon is good for 20% off the first month of a watch subscription.

There is also word of a first-month-free coupon option, which is addressed on the bottom of the website, but we were unable to find the actual promo code at this time.

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