Subscription boxes have become popular, offering everything from cosmetics and grooming accessories to meal kits and snacks. Snack boxes, in particular, offer a way to discover new food items that you can give to yourself on a regular basis or send as gifts to others. In this review, we look at Try The World, which offers snacks and ingredients from a different country each month, with the idea being that you become immersed in a culture. Recipes even provide a guide on how to use the boxed ingredients to make a meal. A cultural handbook explains what makes the snacks you have received different, unique, and special.

What Is Try The World?

Try The World is a subscription service that offers snacks from different countries. Gourmet foods are curated and sent to customers monthly. Boxes may include snacks, ingredients to cook with, and drinks. The company’s box allows customers to receive seven to eight gourmet delicacies from different countries per month. It also offers snack plans, with customers receiving six snacks from six countries every month. The snacks are all-natural sweet or savory items from small-scale artisanal producers. Most of the boxes offered by Try The World are almost entirely vegetarian. Each box contains a culture handbook with explanations on how to use the items in the box and why those items are culturally significant. The box also contains recipes from an expert chef who specializes in international cuisines.

Once customers choose a plan, they can place an order. The box then ships within 30 days of the first order. The idea of Try The World is to experience global food in your own home, without having to travel. Some sample items that have been sent include couscous from Morocco, pistachio cream from Italy, roasted chickpeas from India, and olive spread from Argentina. Customers cannot customize their boxes according to personal dietary restrictions. They also cannot choose specific countries for their countries or snacks boxes.

Product Specifications

Starting Price Per Box: $15 for snacks, $29 for countries
Vegetarian Options:
Vegan Options:
Extra Delivery Charges:
Nationwide, but limited to the continental United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii


Try The World sends monthly boxes of snacks or featured foods from different countries. There is free shipping on all subscription orders. For a countries subscription, there are four payment plans. The monthly payment plan costs $39 per month. The quarterly plan costs $105 every three months ($35 per box), the semiannual plan costs $198 every six months ($33 per box), and the annual plan is $348 every year ($29 per box). For the snacks subscription, the monthly fee is $19 per month. The quarterly plan charges $51 every three months ($17 per box), the semiannual plan is $96 every six months ($16 per box), and the annual plan bills $180 every year ($15 per box). Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time. For individual orders without a subscription, Try The World has a gift option, allowing a box to be sent to yourself or another recipient. Like the monthly plans, a countries box costs $39, and a snacks box charges $19. However, unlike the subscription plans, only a one-time payment is involved, without the auto-renewing charges.

The Rise Of Snack Subscription Boxes

Snack box subscriptions have become a popular convenience. Instead of blindly shopping for snacks on your own, you can receive a hand-packed selection of goods periodically, from every week to every month. They may contain ingredients that make cooking your meals more interesting, in addition to snacks that are exotic and new for you to try. The boxes are a surprise gift to yourself because you often don’t know what will be in them, though some services allow you to customize some options, particularly if you are vegetarian, vegan, health-conscious, or avoiding allergens. The boxes can often be sent to others as gifts, which may entice the recipients to also become subscribers.

Subscription boxes are a relief for people who find that there are too many options in the market. The many snack subscription box services do some tailoring towards their customers, whether they want world snacks or healthy options. Within certain categories, the services pick some snacks and switch it up with each box to ensure interest and variety to keep customers coming back for more. The boxes save customers from having to shop or do their own research. Instead, customers put their trust into someone else to make the choices and even find it fun to discover new treats, especially if they are ones they enjoy and plan to buy again.

The best boxes are the ones that have included high-quality products that were grouped together thoughtfully and have been freshly presented to be enticing and new to the recipient. Much of the appeal is in the customer anticipating something interesting and exciting that should surprise and delight. If the products provide insight and positive experiences that boost customers’ passions, interests, and lifestyle, that almost guarantees continued use of these subscription box services.

Who Should Subscribe To A Snack Box?

Subscription boxes, especially for snacks, can be considered an indulgence. They were created more for enjoyment and convenience than practicality and frugality. However, snack boxes let subscribers discover new things that they otherwise never would have been exposed to. In a store, it is easy to get lost and possibly be overwhelmed by the large number of selections. Boxes provide a narrow focus, where fewer items get more of your attention. You are not just paying for the box and its products with the subscriptions; it can be said that you are also paying for a personal shopper to do the shopping and researching work for you.

For products and items that are difficult to procure on your own, especially if they are from other countries, the subscription boxes can bring them to your home. These are great for people who don’t live in an ethnically or culturally diverse neighborhood and do not travel often but are interested in other world cultures and cuisines.

Some subscriptions boxes present goods that surpass the quality offered in stores. Those products could not only be better but also luxurious and mood-lifting. Sometimes, the boxes are simply ways of receiving items that may make you feel better after a hard day.

To judge on whether a subscription box is worth your time and money, you need to consider how much the goods cost, the reliability of the shipping, and whether you are truly saving money on receiving goods at your doorstep instead of giving yourself the challenge of buying your own products and making your own discoveries.

While some services allow you to customize some options, most rely on some amount of uncertainty because their shipments are usually mystery boxes. While you may be happily surprised by what you receive, the chances are equal that you will not enjoy some, or even all the snacks in any given box. You should make sure that it is easy to cancel your subscription, if needed, and check whether you can receive refunds or exchanges on items you dislike.

Something else to consider is your comfort level with using online services, which most subscription boxes are, and the associated privacy risks. You do end up sharing personal information, which is always open to the possibility of hackers stealing customer data and committing identity theft if they have your information. A larger company is more likely to have better security than a smaller one, but there is always a risk.

How It Compares

Before deciding on a snack box subscription service, it’s a good idea to compare similar services. We’ve listed three popular snack box subscription services below.

Snack Box from around the world - Care Package (10 Count)
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Tired of the same old snacks? We specialize in delivering the finest assortment of unique and tasty...
  • WORLD'S BEST SNACKS - The Snack Box will include a variety of the best international snacks. There will be a variety of...
  • FULL SIZED SNACKS - No sample sizes. You will receive 10 individually wrapped full sized snacks that make it easy to...

Munchpak offers snacks from around the world, ranging from sweets and candy to sour, spicy, or gummy snacks and chips. Munchpak allows for customization based on taste preferences. There are subscription plans available, and snack boxes can also be given as gifts. Boxes are sent weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on which plan you choose. Besides how often you wish to receive a snack box, you can choose how many snacks are in the box, either five, ten, or twenty snacks per box.

Boxes are delivered within two to four days of ordering, with international shipments needing more time. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually. Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled. For an extra $5, drinks such as coffee, tea, juice, soda, water, and energy drinks can be added to your box. While customizations usually cost more, customers appreciate the option, the different

snack sizes, and snack variety.

Vegetarian Options: Yes (can omit meat and seafood snack options)
Vegan Options: Yes (can customize package)
Extra Delivery Charges: No
Availability: Various countries in Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East

UrthBox Snack Box - Classic (Small)
  • Get started today and bring more of the healthy stuff into your life every month.
  • Just as BirchBox provides its customers a sampling of health and beauty items, UrthBox will give subscribers a monthly...

Urthbox provides healthy snacks that must meet specific ingredient, calorie, sourcing, manufacturing, and nutrition standards. Full-size, not snack-size, packages are provided. The company focuses on non-GMO, all-natural, and organic products and strives to provide healthy new foods, beverages, and snacks to its customers, who can choose between classic, gluten-free, diet, or vegan boxes.

Boxes are sent monthly and come in mini, small, medium, and large sizes. The products range from crackers, cookies, and snack bars to juices and cleanses, super foods, and dried meats. Some beverages, new treats, and personal care products may also be included in the snack boxes. The boxes are not customizable. Customers have generally liked the variety of products offered, the emphasis on healthy snacks, and good customer service experience.

Vegetarian Options: Yes
Vegan Options: Yes
Extra Delivery Charges: Yes, depending on your location
Availability: United States and Canada

NatureBox Care Package - Snacks Assortment for the Whole Family
  • MADE FOR SHARING: Share your love of snacking with the fam! A variety of sweet & salty healthy choice classic variety...
  • PERFECT SIZE: Great addition to any backpack, briefcase, what have you. Share with others, gift them, or send them off...
  • SAME GREAT TASTE, NEW LOOK: Please note that you may receive different packaging while we transition through bags!

NatureBox works on a membership model, giving you the first 30 days free and then charging $30 per year for membership. By becoming members, customers receive an unlimited discount of up to 40% on every order. There is also free shipping within the United States on all orders over $25.

If you don’t like a snack, contact NatureBox’s customer service, and you will be credited. NatureBox offers several nutrition options, such as gluten-free, paleo-friendly, vegan, no sugar added, non-GMO, low sodium, low fat, keto-friendly, and items containing protein and fiber. Instead of receiving a box of surprise snacks, you choose the snacks you wish to try and have them sent to you. While there is a wide variety of snacks offered, there have been lots of negative reviews of this company citing its poor customer service and subpar product experiences in their complaints. This warrants a low rating.

Vegetarian Options: Yes
Vegan Options: Yes
Extra Delivery Charges: Yes, depending on location
Availability: All states in the United States, Canada, and APO/FPO military addresses

Comparison Table

Pros And Cons


  • Good variety and quality of products
  • Tasty food choices
  • Some boxes contained truly authentic products
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Ideal for adventurous eaters


  • Uneven customer service experience
  • Inconsistent arrival dates of boxes
  • Poor condition of products upon receipt
  • Promises world products but many are ethnic food products produced in the United States
  • Overpriced
  • Not a meal kit
  • Inconsistent flavors, quantities, and values
  • Small portions
  • Repeats items too frequently
  • Full-size containers may lead to food waste if you dislike the products you received
  • Some nutrition labels are hard to understand
  • Not the best option for people with food sensitivities or preferences


Try The World provides packaged foods and snacks from various countries. It is not a meal kit service and does not provide fresh food. The experiences with Try The World have been mixed, with more negative customer feedback than positive. Customers have reported difficulties in receiving their boxes and working with the company’s customer service. The inability to customize boxes often leads to disappointment for customers, who are very likely to receive items they dislike. On the positive side, Try The World is an easy and convenient way to try snacks from around the world, with a box from a different country arriving each month. However, the pricing is on the high side.

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