With a vast array of food box subscriptions out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best of the best.

When you Google, you’ll find boxes for snacks, coffee, alcohol, sauces, and even full course meals. What do you pick? How do you know you’ll actually want what is in the box?

It’s even harder when you’re a foodie who likes things a certain way, whether it is more of a classic taste, eclectic taste, or maybe you need allergy-friendly options that are hard to find.

Now for the Boxes – Foodies, Ready Your Palate!

Not only do food boxes make the perfect gift, but they also make your day a little brighter when you get one in the mail.



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If you want to get a taste of Japanese foods that are only ever sold in Japan, this is the box for you. Inside, you’ll find some of the most exciting snacks Japan has to offer.

Perfect for adventurous or eclectic taste buds, you’ll find this box entirely enticing with its offerings. You’ll have two options – the signature box and the tasting box.

Turntable Kitchen

Do you pride yourself on being a dinner party host or hostess? Do you want to? Nothing says dinner perfection without the right food matched up with the right music.

That’s what you would get with Turntable Kitchen. Every month, you get a new recipe that is coupled with the perfect soundtrack to your meal. In addition, you’ll also get the dried ingredients you’ll need to get your dinner party started.

The Cravory Cookie Box

Simply – yum. Who doesn’t love a good cookie? The Cravory Cookie delivers packages of cookies once every month.

They aren’t your typical chocolate chip cookies either. You can expect some flavors like Irish truffles or Sriracha peanut brittle in addition to your more traditional flavors.

Carnivore Club

Carnivore club

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Meat brings out the caveman in you as you look longingly at the perfect ribeye that has just the right amount of marbling. Drool.

With the Carnivore Club, you’ll receive handcrafted cuts of prosciutto, salami, and other more exotic things like yak salami or elk sausage. If you’re into that kind of thing, this is an excellent choice.

Vegan Cuts

On the other side of the foodie spectrum, you’ll find vegans that have no shortage of delicious food, too. With Vegan Cuts, you’ll get all sorts of yummy things that don’t harm animals in any such way.

Cookies, sodas chips, and more will be what you find in this subscription box. As a bonus, most of it tend to also be organic.

Bon Appetit

If you adore French cuisine, then this box will speak to you like no other might. Find an amazing array of French snack foods with this subscription, and you will get a taste of the decadence that exists across the pond.

You’ll get cookies, sparkling water, and so many other delicious items that you can quickly go on a French food binge! Lucky for you, the boxes have a wide arrange of options depending on just how fancy you want to get.

Jerky Snobs

If you are a jerky connoisseur, then you know that not all jerkies are created equal. You have your supermarket, ahem, junk, and your perfectly handcrafted jerky that simply can’t compare.

With Jerky Snobs, you’ll get quite the array of jerky choices shipped directly to you. In fact, you’ll get flavors that you’ve never heard of that you didn’t even know you were missing. Boar jerky, anyone?

Snack Crate

Travel around the world from the comfort of your home with Snack Crate. Every single month, you’ll get new yums from around the world.

You have three choices to choose from here, with the mini, original, and premium box to fill all your snacking needs.

Jackie’s Chocolate

This is a good choice because it’s chocolate. What’s more is that it is artisan, handmade chocolates that have been created by chocolate lovers for chocolate lovers.

You won’t find a Hershey bar in sight, but what you will see is gourmet chocolate. Don’t be surprised if you happen to find blueberry milk chocolate in your box one month and raspberry dark chocolate the next.

Foodies, Pick Your Box

These are just the beginning of what you can find in food boxes. There are so many more boxes that have not even been discussed. But if you take some time and look around, you’ll see plenty of other things we know you’ll enjoy, too.

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