If you haven’t heard about meal subscription boxes, then you may be missing a golden opportunity that you’ve never even thought about.

Meal boxes first started up right around 2012 or so and have continued to grow over time. What could be more convenient than getting boxes that have all of the ingredients that you would need to be dropped at your door every single night?

You probably think that yeah, it would be a huge time-saver, but how do you know what to pick?

The Reasons to Get a Meal Box Subscription

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The most prominent argument for going forward with a meal subscription like Blue Apron is that they are huge time-savers. As they are delivered, you’ll realize that you also don’t need to go grocery shopping as often either, since all of the ingredients are delivered in one shot.

Talk about convenient, right? For busy people with busy lives, this convenience is entirely worth the few minutes it takes to order what you want online. At that point, all you need is to wait for your meal to be at your door.

If you’re trying to lose weight, having a meal subscription box is a great way to encourage practicing portion control. You only get a limited number of servings in a box, so if you struggle with controlling yourself, this can help you get on track.

The Cost of a Meal Subscription Box

When you look at the cost, it may seem like the meals cost quite a bit, but think about it reasonably. Some options may be around $15 per meal, but if you think about how much fast food can cost, it seems much more affordable.

Another way you can save some cash is by taking advantage of free trials or coupons that you can find online. By doing that, your first delivery can help you decide to try something or not.

If you look at it and break down the costs, you’ll come to realize that meal plan options like these subscriptions are actually very similar in cost to grocery shopping. If you have a tendency to overeat, using a subscription box to meal plan can actually cost less than your grocery bill.

Choosing a Meal Subscription Box

There are a variety of different meal subscriptions available for you to choose from. When you’re deciding what you want, consider what you like along with how much time you have to cook a meal. One of the most simple boxes you can get is from Dinnerly. They also cost $5 per serving, and the meals are designed to take very little time and still be delicious.

You’ll also want to consider calorie counts if you’re doing it for weight loss purposes. If you have problems with sodium, you’ll also want to check and see what the sodium content is for each meal.

If you’re of the more adventurous variety, then you might be okay with a more extensive plan that offers some meal ideas that you wouldn’t normally consider. Follow the instructions, and you should be good to go.

Something else you’ll want to think about is the way that food is delivered to you. Is it fresh? Is it frozen? Is it dehydrated? Services like Blue Apron deliver fresh ingredients right to your door, which is why they are one of the more successful meal subscriptions on the market.

The Darker Side of Meal Subscriptions

Perhaps one of the things that may discourage you from purchasing a meal subscription box is the amount ordered for more than one person. Something to keep in mind if this is your concern is that ordering enough for more than two people can get pricey. Of course, that is relative to how much you spend on groceries anyway.

Something else to think about is that meal subscriptions can also sometimes be limited in their options. You may not see significant changes for a few weeks at a time, so it might get a little repetitive. To get past that, you may benefit from using multiple services to increase variety to your meals.

You’ll also want to check ingredients that are commonly found in the list of supplies you’ll be receiving. As an example, if you were to order from a place like Freshly, they are entirely gluten-free and without any artificial ingredients.

Your Bottom Line

Food delivery, meal prep, and meal plans are easy and convenient with a meal subscription box. Food gets ordered, delivered, cooked, and then consumed by you – all without ever actually walking into a grocery store.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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