There are three ways to buy your favorites.

You could go to the store and complete your purchases every time you run out of something. You could buy your items online and have them shipped to your home.

You could also sign up for a monthly subscription to the products you love the most.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular monthly subscription boxes.

The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

What better way to top up your beauty collection every month than to have it delivered to your door all at once? Let’s take a look at the best beauty subscription boxes.

1. Beauty Box by Allure Beauty

Allure’s beauty box delivered monthly offers up the very best of trending makeup. All of their products are tested by their editor and are always trending that month. Included in your beauty box will be travel and full-sized items personally selected by makeup experts at Allure. You’ll also get a mini magazine full of tips and tricks, as well as step-by-step tutorials. In your first box, you’ll receive a bonus mystery gift.

2. All of your Lip Products with Lip Monthly

Get everything your lips will ever need with Lip Monthly. They are a monthly beauty subscription service that delivers full-sized lip products to your door every month. With Lip Monthly you’ll be able to try all the very latest in lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, and lip balms. With your delivery, you’ll receive between four and five items. Lip Monthly sources these products from both big brands and niche companies to give you the variety you’re looking for in your makeup.

2 Favorite Monthly Subscriptions

It’s easy to get all your favorite products sent right to your door. Whether you like knowing what you’re receiving or enjoy being surprised, you should try out these two favorite monthly subscription boxes that have everyone talking.

1. Discover New Makeup with Ipsy Bag

Ipsy Bag is a trending monthly beauty subscription service. It is also one of the most affordable subscription boxes currently available at only $10 a month. This gets you five products and free shipping. When you sign up for Ipsy Bag, you’re asked to fill out a brief two-minute quiz that helps them get to know you a little better. Once they know information like what products you’re after and your skin tone, they can send you a customized beauty bag every month that caters to you.

2. Wow Subscription from Japan

Ever wanted to go to Japan? Now you can have Japan come to you. Wow Box is a famous Japanese monthly subscription box that brings all of Japan’s favorite treats right to your doorstep. It’s free shipping worldwide, and all deliveries come straight from Tokyo. Wow Box offers four options to choose from. These are fun and tasty, new and limited, Kawaii and beauty, and Dagashi. From new and exciting flavors to those who love cute and dainty food, Wow Box has it all.

Popular Subscription Boxes for Men

subscription boxes for men

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Makeup and cute food aren’t the only things you can get in a subscription box. Let’s take a look at some popular subscription boxes for men:

  • Dollar Shave Club: Esquire says that the Dollar Shave Club has been a hit with men. The ability to choose your personal shaving products and have flexible delivery options makes this monthly subscription box a hit.
  • Trunk Club: Trunk Club is the perfect solution for men who hate shopping. With a survey that covers your personal preferences, you’re then given a stylist that helps you choose the items you’ll receive. Trunk Club is curated for when you need it, so one month you can get lots of things and the next you can be sent just a few.
  • Birchbox: Birchbox is another great grooming service that covers the toiletries category. From candles and socks to oral care products and shaving accessories, you’ll never have to go to the corner store again.
  • Five Four Club: The Five Four Club makes rotating your wardrobe simple. For $60 a month, you’ll get up to three items that will be customized to your sizing and personal fashion style. What’s more, all shipping and exchanges are completely free.

Signing up For a Subscription Box

Signing up for a monthly subscription box gives you the freedom to explore new products and experience innovative ideas without even having to leave your front door.

With these well-known monthly subscription boxes, you’ll give new meaning to the word convenience. You’ll be able to enjoy the latest and greatest on the market without having to fight for a parking spot.

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