Do you like scrapbooking? What about bullet journaling? Planning with pretty paper or stickers seems to be all the rage in so many circles these days.

Go out on Facebook, and you’ll see multiple groups dedicated to planning, bullet journals, scrapbooking, the right kind of cardstock, stamps, and so much more.

Subscribe to a stationery box and see what you’ve been missing for yourself.

Best Stationery Monthly Subscription Boxes

If you love stationery, don’t miss out on looking to see what these different subscriptions have to offer.


The STICKII Club is for the sticker lovers among us. You can choose from three different sticker packs. Each pack includes sticker sheets, single stickers, and washi tape. Sometimes, there are themes, making it a fun experience each time you open this box.

Pretty Paper Club

If you want to receive personalized cards and related stationery, you’ll get all of that out of being a member of the Pretty Paper Club. Other goodies that you can expect include gel pens, washi tape, and other goodies.

In Your Case Stationery Box

This stationery setup is great for kids, teens, and adults. You can select one of three options to determine what you’ll get. Every month, you can expect to receive stationery and planner items in each box.

Your kids will be more likely to receive cute stationery, while you’ll get more modern and adult stationery.

Trendy Memo

Trendy Memo is geared towards women who work. Each month, recipients can expect fun products that will help you feel like work can be fun. You’ll get stuff like office supplies, beauty products, and even healthy snacks you can keep at your desk.

Make your workspace trendier and make yourself feel more efficient every single day.

Busy Bee Stationery

Are you an active person? If so, then this box might be perfect for you. Busy Bee is designed for the busiest among us. They focus on planners, journals, and note-taking with beautiful stationery items like washi tape, cardstock sheets, and memory books.

You can purchase one-time boxes, gifts, as well as regular subscriptions. With these different options, you’re bound to find one that you like if stationery is your thing.

Zakka Kit

Zakka Kit

Image via Neko Box

Zakka Kit has an Asian flavor to it as it is curated Japanese stationery. Every month has a theme that remains a mystery until you open your box. Shipped directly from Japan, you will receive items that can only be found there and nowhere else.

Lettering Box

Have you ever admired hand-lettered items and wondered how they were done? Have you ever been interested in learning how to do it yourself?

You can do that with a monthly box from Lettering Box. You have the options from a supply and workbook box, supply box, and teaser box. This one is on the pricier side, but if you want to learn, you’ll do it with this box.

Cloth & Paper

Consider Cloth & Paper to be the Rolls Royce of stationery supplies. Check out their website, and you’ll be able to see just how much more sophisticated this stationery is.

Order leather agendas, luxury notepads, and gold foiled pieces. Alternatively, you can order a monthly subscription and get various items on a regular basis.


Calling all sticker lovers! Stickermom promises to deliver a vast mix of different stickers to your doorstep every month.

What’s more, is they have packages for kids and adults, too. Kid stickers will be a mix of puffy, prismatic, kawaii, scratch-n-sniff, and others that are selected for children. Adult stickers come in a more extensive variety and also include planner stickers and inspirational stickers, too.

Sparkle Hustle Grow

This is another box that is geared towards women, specifically female entrepreneurs. If you are working on improving your business, this is a great way to do just that.

The planner addict

Image via Pinterest

You have two choices in boxes. In the Mini-Mailer, you’ll get a book, training, and private access. In the full-sized signature box, you’ll get several items meant to help your business grow. Things like planners, gadgets, and office supplies will make you smile every time you open the box.

The Planner Addict Box

Are you addicted to planning or decorating your planner? If you are, The Planner Addict Box is a great option for you. You can subscribe monthly or order items as wanted or needed.

If you check out their website, you can get a glimpse of what they have to offer. They even have a digital subscription for those that prefer digital files, too.

Stationery Once a Month

Pens, gels, tapes, and paper – so many pretty things! Get your stationery fix every month and enjoy what your box brings you.

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