These days, you can find a subscription box for just about anything, from razors to art supplies to pet toys, and for good reason. It makes life a lot simpler when there are some things that you just never have to worry about. NatureBox offers a wide variety of healthy snacks that can be delivered straight to your home, no shopping lists, grocery store line or long hauls from the car required.

What Is A Subscription Box?

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A subscription box is exactly what it sounds like. You pay money each period (this can range from every week to every few months), and your goods are delivered straight to your home or wherever you like to have your packages delivered.

With some subscriptions, you have a lot of control and get to pick which items you receive, while with others it will be more of a surprise. Which type is better depends mostly on your preferences. Do you like to know exactly what you’re getting, or would you rather try something that you wouldn’t normally purchase?

About NatureBox

Sometimes, people get stuck in a rut of eating the same things over and over. Food subscription boxes can be a great way to break out of your comfort zone and discover new treats. Maybe you’ve just never thought to try a certain food before, or maybe you don’t have access to a large variety of foods where you usually do your grocery shopping. Perhaps you know exactly what you like and don’t care to try anything new, and just want the convenience of having it delivered to your front door. In any case, a food subscription like NatureBox might be just what you need.

NatureBox operates a bit differently than other snack food subscriptions. Instead of paying monthly for a delivery, you pay annually for a discount on all of the snacks offered on the NatureBox website. You can order as many or as few snacks as you like, as often as you like, so you never have to worry about running out or having to wait until the next month to try something new. And, if you find a new favorite, you know just where to get it.

Although it may not be as simple as some other food subscriptions, there are a number of features that make NatureBox a great choice.

Large Variety Of Healthy Snacks

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With traditional subscription boxes, you don’t always get the option of choosing what snacks you get each month, but with NatureBox you are always in complete control. There are hundreds of snacks to choose from, and NatureBox adds more every month.

All of NatureBox’s snacks are made with the thought of healthier snacking in mind. They don’t use any MSG, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, or artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. NatureBox wants you to be able to enjoy your snacks without worrying about what you are putting into your body.

Monthly Credits

Each month, NatureBox gives you a $5 store credit that you can use on your purchase. If you use this credit each month, it adds up to $60 worth of free snacks per year, which is more than the cost of the subscription.

Options For People With Dietary Restrictions

For those with allergies or other dietary restrictions, it might be difficult to find a subscription food box that you can safely enjoy. Since you only buy the foods that you want with NatureBox, it is a very good choice for those who must be careful about what they eat.

When you are choosing the foods that you want to purchase, you can use a filter to search only for foods that are compatible with your diet. Options include vegan, gluten-free, no added sugar, non-GMO and low sodium snacks, as well as several others. This ensures that you can always find something suitable for your needs and preferences.

Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It

Sometimes you might be excited to try something new and then discover that it’s not actually to your liking. NatureBox understands this. Their “Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It” policy makes it easy to try something new without worrying that you might not like it. If you order a snack that you just don’t like, you can contact NatureBox customer support and let them know. They’ll give you a store credit worth the price of the snack that you can use on your next purchase. Just be sure to contact them within 90 days of your purchase.

Subscribe And Save

If you find a selection of snacks that you love and would like to have them delivered to you every month, NatureBox has an option for that. This is similar to a traditional subscription box since you can receive a box each month without having to reorder; however, you will receive the same items in each box. If you choose this option, you can save 5 percent on each item that you purchase with this feature. And don’t worry: If you want some variety every once in a while, you can still order snacks outside of your monthly delivery at any time.

If you decide that you no longer want to receive a monthly shipment, or you would like to modify it in some way, you can do so by contacting NatureBox customer support. If you would just like to skip a month, you may do that as well.

For The Office

NatureBox can be a great choice for companies as well as individuals. If you would like to bring NatureBox to your office, the company offers an unlimited bulk snack plan for $20 a month per employee. For only $5 more per employee, you can add single-serve snacks and coffee to this plan. NatureBox also supplies everything you need to set up snacks in the kitchen with trays, jars and scoops for organized and hygienic snacking.

NatureBox Pricing

Because you have to pay for the membership as well as for each snack you buy, NatureBox can end up costing more than some other food subscriptions. However, this all depends on how much you decide to purchase.

An annual subscription to NatureBox costs $30 per year, and the rest of your payments will vary depending on which snacks you purchase. If you want to know exactly what you’ll be paying each month, you can use the Subscribe and Save feature to receive the same items once a month. If you buy more than $25 worth of snacks, you will receive free shipping within the continental U.S. Customers ordering less than $25 worth of items and those with delivery destinations outside of the continental U.S. will need to pay a $4.95 shipping fee.

Deals, Coupons And Rewards

When you sign up for NatureBox, there are some deals that you can take advantage of.

Free First Month

New NatureBox subscribers receive their first 30 days for free. This gives you some time to decide if you like NatureBox and would like to keep your subscription before having to pay the annual membership fee.

Student Discount

If you are a high school or college student, you are eligible for a student discount at NatureBox. In order to take advantage of the discount, you must register at the Student Beans website. Once you’ve done this, you can unlock a discount code that you can enter at checkout. The student discount is good for 10 percent off of any order.

Referral Program

If you’ve decided that you really do like NatureBox and would like to recommend it to a friend, NatureBox will reward you for this. When a friend uses your referral link, they will get a $20 store credit to use toward their first purchase. If your friend decides to sign up for NatureBox, you will get $20 in store credit as well.

How NatureBox Compares To Other Snack Subscriptions


There is a very wide variety of food and snack subscription boxes out there, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that delivers what you are looking for. If you are interested in healthy snack boxes, there are a few others aside from NatureBox that are worth considering

Like NatureBox, Graze is a subscription that offers a variety of healthy snacks. The snacks in its boxes include no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Also similar to NatureBox, Graze offers all of its snacks, which you can purchase individually, in its shop. However, if you sign up for a subscription, Graze will pick eight snacks to deliver to you based on the preferences that you give when you sign up. Each of its snacks is designed to be one portion, so you know just how much to eat in one sitting. You can sign up for snack deliveries monthly, weekly or biweekly.

Customization: Snacks chosen based on preferences

Number of Snacks: 8

Frequency of Deliveries: Weekly, biweekly or monthly

Shipping: Free for subscription boxes and orders over $20; $4.25 for orders below $20

Love With Food

Love With Food

Love With Food is another health-conscious subscription. They include only organic, gluten-free or all-natural snacks with no high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial coloring or flavoring, or MSG. It has three boxes that you can choose from: Tasting Box, Deluxe Box, and Gluten-Free Box. One of the things that makes Love With Food unique is that it donates meals to a food bank for each month of your subscription. It donates one meal per month for the Tasting Box and two meals for the Deluxe and Gluten-Free Boxes. Unlike NatureBox and Graze, Love With Food does not offer any further customization for your orders.

Customization: Snacks chosen based on box variety

Number of Snacks: 7+ (Tasting); 15+ (Deluxe); 10+ (Gluten-Free)

Frequency of Deliveries: Monthly

Shipping: Free to U.S. and U.S. territories; $3.99 international

With UrthBox, you will receive a monthly box that contains a variety of full-size snacks and beverages that are all natural, organic and GMO-free. The boxes come in four sizes, from Mini, which contains 6+ snacks, to Large, which contains 25+ snacks. Once you’ve chosen your box size, there are four subscription varieties to choose from: Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet. The Vegan Box will contain no items with dairy or meat, and the Diet Box will contain items that are lower in carbohydrates, calories and fat. There is also an office option that will supply your company with 100+ snacks for $199 a month.

Customization: Snacks chosen based on box variety

Number of Snacks: 6+ (Mini); 12+ (Small); 18+ (Medium); 25+ (Large)

Frequency of Deliveries: Monthly

Shipping: Free to U.S.; $6.95 to Canada; $14.95 Worldwide

NatureBox Pros and Cons

  • Wide variety of snacks
  • First month free
  • Complete customization of orders
  • $5 monthly credit
  • Student discount
  • Order as often as you like
  • Must pay for both subscription and snacks
  • No element of surprise

The Verdict: NatureBox Is A Convenient And Healthy Snack Option

Unless you absolutely must have an element of surprise in your snack subscriptions, NatureBox is a great option for those looking to snack healthier. There are options for many types of dietary restrictions, and the filtered search on the NatureBox website makes it easy to find the snacks that fit your needs. You can purchase as many or as few snacks as you like whenever you want, making it a much more customizable option than a traditional subscription box.

While having to pay the annual subscription fee as well as the price of snacks may be unappealing to some, the discounts on each snack and the $5 store credit that you receive each month more than make up for the $30 membership. If you just want to set up an account and receive your snacks each month without having to worry about it, you might be better off with a different subscription, but if you want a lot of control over the products that you receive, NatureBox is the way to go.

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