Drinking wine does make the world a better place, thanks to Naked Wines.


Finally, the news you were waiting for: your love for wine can actually help communities grow and independent wine produces build their businesses. This is what the Naked Wines subscription service is all about.


Check out this review if you are looking for a wine subscription that is also socially responsible. And if you end up deciding to get a subscription with other company, this will still make a great conversation topic for your next dinner party.


So read on, and get ready to impress everyone you know.


What Is Naked Wines And How Does It Work?

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Naked Wines is a wine subscription service founded in the UK in 2006. They now have expanded to the U.S and Australia, where they have a wide and ever growing base of customers. They describe themselves as a customer funded wine business.


So what does this mean exactly?


If you decide to try their service, the first thing you can do is take an online quiz to get a wine voucher for your first order.


And then it gets interesting.


If you decide to get a subscription form them, you will become an angel, which means you would be joining the company as a regular investor, by paying a standard monthly fee of $40. This money will go into your account, or your ‘’online piggy bank’’ as they call it, and you will be able to buy their wines at exclusive rates (for angels only).


By having a stable income from their angels, the company is able to regularly fund independent wine producers and cover their distribution costs, which is something that gives them a strong platform to grow their business. You would be helping out family and local businesses get into the wine industry and keep innovation going, and in return try some of the best locally produced wines.


Naked Wines focuses on growing small businesses and cutting out the middlemen, making sure that their angels or customers have a direct relationship with the wine producers they support.You can even get in touch with them and tell them what you think of their wines.


You will be able to choose which wines you want to taste from their page, where they have product ratings and reviews by other customers.


After you have tried their first sample box, then the same credit card you used to pay for that order will be automatically charged the $40 fee, which will be deposited in your balance account. You will then have a balance available to purchase any kind of wine you like from their website. And if you decide to take your money out from your ‘’piggy bank’’ they guarantee you can do it without any problems.


So if drinking nice wine while supporting small businesses grow sounds like your thing, Naked Wines could be the subscription service for you.


It’s not only about investing and buying wines. There are some other features that make the company one of its kind.


What Makes Naked Wines Unique

bottles of wine


Innovation is a really big thing for them.


This is one of the biggest features about them that makes them appealing to their already wide customer and angel base. They support independent wine producers that have innovative ideas about wine production and come up with their own combinations. This keeps the wine industry diverse and will guarantee you always have the option to taste new combinations ahead most of the market.


Store bought wine is usually produced by big wine companies and there is not much diversity when it comes to the origin of the grapes. Naked Wines works directly with the producer, so there are no big distributors or industrial winemakers involved, and this is a quality guarantee.


And communication is also important.


Being able to talk directly with the people who made the wine you are drinking is always great. At Naked Wines, you can send them direct reviews of their product and talk to them about their process, which is a great way to gain more knowledge of the wine industry and its ways. There is also a big online community, so you can also talk to other angels or customers about their experiences, preferences and see their reviews for each product.


Overall, the community of customers, investors and wine producers is really supportive of the company and their reviews are positive. The company has a business model centered on the local producer and this gives them a socially positive identity, something that everyone who is a loyal customer appreciates.


If this sounds like a thing for you, let’s move on and see how the pricing works.





When placing an order, you can choose between a pre-mixed case or a custom case where you choose which wines you want to get. For custom cases, you have the option to choose between a 6, 12 or 15 wine boxes.


The price you will pay depends on the price of each individual bottle. The average cost of a bottle is around $25 but it can go higher or lower depending on the rating it has on the site and the quality of the production process. For angels there usually are special discounts and preferential rates that can go around 30% off the set price of the wine bottle in the website.


And the shipping works fast, too. They guarantee 2 to 3 business days shipping on their website to most states and, for angels, the shipping is free of charge. Keep in mind that if you place an order during the holidays it can probably take a little longer, so make sure to plan ahead.


Public Perception (Other Naked Wines Reviews)

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 Naked Wines customers are very happy with the company and the service they provide.


Many detailed reviews from customers describe the process of ordering and becoming an angel in a very positive way. The company has a very strong appeal because it gets customers involved in a cause for supporting local winemakers. They offer a wide variety of wines and a great system for rating and keeping track of what you have already tried and what you liked.


They also offer a great app to keep track of your expenses and orders more easily, and they have a good response rate, If you have a complaint, you can get in touch with them easily and they will respond in a short time.


Some reviews have a negative approach because they say that the monthly subscription of $40 could get you good quality wines in a regular store without committing to a monthly payment. Some others say it’s confusing to be charged automatically $40 after your first subscription box. But you can always cancel your subscription and ask them for a refund if you are not happy with the service or if you don’t feel comfortable with the monthly fee.


Even the more critical reviews will have a list of wines that they recommend from Naked Wines, so you can be sure that the product quality is as good as promised.


How It Compares


When it comes down to choosing a wine subscription company, you need to know how they compare to each other to make the best possible choice.


We are going to tell you how Naked Wine compares to other subscription services, so you don’t have to go through a trial and error process before finding your perfect match.


If you are a frequent wine drinker, then having a fixed monthly amount to spend on wine can help you take your mind off budgeting. You know how much money will be transferred to your Naked Wines account monthly and that makes it easier to stay on budget.


However, you have to make your own wine selection. Most subscription services work in the same way, but several reviews say that this system can be overwhelming at times, because there are a lot of options. And if you are starting to get familiar with their system, it may feel like you are paying for a lot more than you are actually receiving when you don’t know how to choose.


Keeping track of your preferences in their app is a great way to get around the service and grasp the mechanics of it fast. And the idea of becoming a direct supporter for local and small wine producers not only in the US  but all over the world is a great added value that Naked Wines offers.


Overall, they have a standard pricing that is still competitive when compared to store bought wines and expensive brands, but some people say the service is not too flexible.


If you are interested in the idea of supporting small businesses while having access to quality products, then this is the main feature that differentiates Naked Wines from other subscription companies and you should definitely give it a try.

Botlles of naked wine


What We Think


The appeal of this particular company comes from its social impact. That definitely sets them apart and their customers agree.


When it comes to wine production, they have a clear mission and their work is centered around increasing local production. Being able to get in touch with the producers that the company as financed also gives everyone the opportunity to confirm whether it’s actually a functioning system. And the angel system sends a powerful and convincing message, because who wouldn’t like to drink for a cause, right?


The monthly fee is the only part of their system that seems to be a bit controversial among their users. Some say that in the long run you could probably spend less by buying store wine that is still high in quality, and it may end up being an overcharge for certain type of users. Of course, this will depend on how frequently you drink wine and how knowledgeable you are. If you already know what you like and are not looking to experiment much, then you could probably pass on this subscription.


But supporting small wine producers is always a good thing and it can give you a warm feeling (besides the one you get from drinking wines you love). So if you are willing to spend a bit more to get involved in a growing social impact business, then this is a subscription you could definitely consider.


And if you want to help and save at the same time, we have some great deals for you.



Coupons And Deals

bottles of wines

Retail Me Not has a lot of discount coupons available on their site. Make sure to check what type of offer you are looking for and see which ones are the most popular and ending soon, so you get the best deal possible.


Deal Catcher has many wine vouchers that go from $50 to $100, and you can also find special promo codes, or see the current sales. Check their special offers and maybe even set up an alert so you know when a new deal is posted right away!


With Groupon, you can also find great offers and set an alert to be the first to use them. On national holidays and special dates, they also have flash offers and sales, so don’t forget to check your calendar.


Naked Wines Verdict


Investing in a social cause is always great, and helping small businesses grow is a good contribution to society. Doing it through a wine subscription service is even better, because you get to build your knowledge on wines, taste the brands you love and discover new ones. While Naked Wines can be a bit complicated at times, it is a great option and their customers are very happy with the results.


Will you be one of them? Let us know how it goes!

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