Fashion subscription boxes like Nadine West are increasing in popularity across the web, and it’s no mystery why.

In-person shopping isn’t usually on par with the blissful experience portrayed by the upbeat commercials seen everywhere before a national holiday. The commercials don’t show you what happens in real life: driving to a mall (goodbye, gas money), competing for a place to park, searching store after store to find something you like and that fits. And lastly, waiting in line to purchase an item that you might just end up returning anyway as soon as you see it with the rest of your wardrobe. 

The Pros And Cons of Nadine West Review


  • Low cost subscription
  • The ability to skip multiple months and to change your shipping frequency
  • Offers a decent size range that includes standard and plus sizes


  • Not able to request additional items in each box
  • Don’t have the option to extend the time to try on your items
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app to supplement their website
  • check
    Does not carry XS, XXS or maternity sizes

Nadine West Review

Source: Nadine West

Nadine West: Monthly Additions to Your Wardrobe

Nadine West is more than just a monthly clothing subscription box. Founded in 2013, Nadine West is a free, styling service in that it's free to sign up for the service and there are no subscription fees. You pay only for the outfit pieces that you would like to keep.

On a monthly basis, the Nadine West style team sends you a personalized collection of four to six pieces, which you receive in a bright, pink package. The style team usually tries to give you a combination of tops, bottoms, jewelry, and accessories. Depending on item availability and your particular style preferences. Sometimes one of those articles might not be included in one month’s box. But usually, there's a mixture of items you can use to form an outfit. Whatever items you don’t want, simply mail back in the resealable package in which the items delivered.

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How to Get Started

Source: Nadine West

Before you receive the styling service, you'll take a “style quiz” to narrow down your fashion preferences. You’re first presented with four main style categories of clothes, and select as many as you like. The choices are: classic, romantic, trendy and vintage. Second, you’re presented with four main style categories for jewelry, and again you select all that apply. Third, five different types of fabric patterns (stripes, animal print, florals, abstract and solid), and asked to select what you typically wear. Next, you select any colors that you won't wear. After that, you select your top and bottom size (S to 3X), and any areas of your body that you’d prefer to conceal (tummy, back, upper arms, chest or thighs). Because jewelry is part of an outfit, you also select any metals that you love (gold, silver, bronze and other).

Choose What Your Usual Budget For Clothing

Source: Nadine West

In the next two questions, you choose what your usual budget is for clothing. And these choices are: “all different ranges,” “more than $25” and “less than $25.” Following that question, you do the same thing but for your usual jewelry budget. The last field is free-form, where you can describe your style in your own words. To give the style team more detailed information about what you like or are trying to accomplish. Once you’ve finished that, you complete your personal information and have the option to enter a referral code. It should be noted that all of this isn’t a quiz but more of a form or profile. Your style is not revealed to you in any quiz results. Rather, the purpose is for you to set up your style profile so the style team can send you clothing you will love.

Styling Service

This first step just gets you started. After that, the stylists take note of what you like and don’t like over time as you receive your boxes. So that eventually they’ll learn more and more about your preferences. However, they also want to help you expand your tastes. So they may send you some things that are perhaps not what you’d ever think of picking for yourself. After all, you could just shop online for things you think you’ll like. But that would defeat the purpose of a styling service. A styling service is meant to help you explore what options are out there and to help you discover what you feel good wearing.

How Nadine West Compares to Other Fashion Subscription Boxes

Nadine West
Stitch Fix
Trunk Club





Ease of Use

Range of Sizes

Clothing Quality

Subscription Options

Return Policy

Pricing: Clothing and Shipping Costs

In order to subscribe to Nadine West, you’ll need a credit card, and you’ll need to enter the card and billing information up front. At this time, the company does not accept debit cards or prepaid credit cards.

Shipping Costs

You won't charge any styling fee or subscription cost. You will, however, be charged for shipping. So every time you get a box, you’ll notice a shipping debit for $9.78 on your account. That debit is then credited toward any of the items you decide to purchase after trying them on at home. You simply keep the items you like and send back the rest in the resealable package everything came in. Return shipping is already included.

For Returning Items

You do have a deadline to return items that you do not want. And that date is on the packing slip inside the package. Whatever isn’t returned to Nadine West by the given date is automatically charged to your credit card on file. If you end up deciding not to keep any of the items, you do lose the shipping credit of $9.78. However, Nadine West’s website states that they’ll provide customers with a “one-time courtesy rollover” of that amount to the customer’s next shipment. If the customer notifies them before the next box shipped. It’s important to remember that if there are any items you’d like to return. You must send them back by the stated deadline. Because the company will rarely accept the returns and refund you past the due date.



Our Rating



Subscription Service

Fashion subscription box delivered straight to your door starts to make more sense for those with a busy lifestyle. That’s where a subscription service like Nadine West comes into play. You get the convenience of having items picked for you and delivered to you. And you can try them on in the comfort of your home. This circumvents all of the inconveniences mentioned above. But what do you get from a subscription from Nadine West, and how much does it cost? This review will provide those answers. Take a look at how Nadine West compares to two other fashion subscription boxes advertised all over social media: Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.

Nadine West Subscription Box: Conclusion

If you have some budget constraints but want to enjoy an online styling service. Nadine West is an option you may want to consider. You’ll get the benefits of a curated subscription box that’s delivered right to your home. At an accessible price with four to six items for you to try on. Also, if some unexpected life events crop up, you have the flexibility to change your shipping frequency or even skip a month or two (or ten). However, because of the price point, the quality of the clothes is in question and seems to vary from shipment to shipment according to customer reviews. Taking all of the pros and cons into consideration, as well as the features of its competitors, we’re giving Nadine West 3 out of 5 stars.

Nadine West Subscription Box: Shipping Promotion

Limited Time Offer: Use the referral code “NADINE” to wave your first shipping debit.

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