Do you love pretty things or know someone who can appreciate different kinds of beauty? How would you feel about those things being delivered directly to your doorstep?

If you or someone you know can say yes to either of those questions, then a subscription box could be just the ticket!

It doesn’t matter if you want to try new makeup and other beauty products, discover new clothes you can appreciate, or find some home décor, because chances are that there’s a box for that.

Some Suggested Boxes for the Women in Your Life

There’s a box for everyone these days. Go through this list to find some that you’ll love!

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix
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Stitch Fix is the personal stylist of box subscriptions. If you want a unique gift for her that is entirely tailored to personalized style, this is a great subscription box to choose.

Every month, you’ll get to open up your box and see five new pieces of clothing, plus some shoes, as well as some handpicked jewelry items.

Altogether, it’s a great way to add some new pieces to your wardrobe and get a fun pick me up every time a new one comes in.

Get Started With StitchFix

Personal Styling for Everybody


If you love makeup, this box is a great option. For all of $10 per month, you’ll get some fantastic beauty samples sent to you every month.

You’ll fill out your personal preferences to get your box customized to the things you’ll actually want out of your beauty subscription boxes.

Gwynnie Bee

If you are a woman that wears plus sizes, you now that it can be more difficult to find clothing that is both flattering and fashionable.

That’s where Gwynnie Bee comes in. You will get cute clothing that will make you walk a little taller, knowing you look fantastic. It’s easy to sign up, too!


Are you a wine lover? Do you enjoy popping open a new bottle of something to try just to see what it tastes like?

If you are, Winc is the subscription box for you. Not only is membership entirely free, but you’ll also find wine bottles that are really cheap if you’re in the market for something else.


You may or may not have seen ShoeDazzle, and if you’re a shoe lover, then this is the perfect thing for you.

Every single month, you can receive a super stylish pair that you actually get to choose from their inventory listed on their website. You know what you’re getting ahead of time, so that gives you time to plan the perfect outfit to go with your new shoes, too.

PopSugar must have

Maybe you’re the kind of woman that likes variety in her subscription box. Not a problem at all, because as you probably guessed, there’s a box that offers unique gifts for women, too.

You’ll get a range of goodies delivered to your doorstep that include everything from beauty products to home décor. How’s that for an awesome subscription box that’s fun to open every month?

Loot Crate

If you are a comic-loving, sci-fi-enjoying, geeky, nerdy kind of woman, then Loot Crate is for you! Inside, you’ll find all sorts of nerdy joys that will make you want to geek out every month.

If you know someone who would enjoy this kind of box, it’s easy to give as a gift. Plus, you’ll know that the recipient will absolutely adore getting it every month.


For any woman who enjoys perfume, this box from Scentbird is the bees knees. Not only is it relatively inexpensive at $14.95 per month, but it is also super fun to open every time you get it in the mail.

Inside, you’ll get a supply of designer scents that you get to choose. How could you not enjoy that?

Bulu Box

Are you or someone you know a health nut? Maybe someone who likes to exercise regularly? If the answer is yes, then Bulu Box is a perfect choice for you.

Inside every box, you’ll get some fabulous samples that include the latest vitamins, snacks, and even supplements that can help you with weight loss!

Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club
Image via Groupon

So this one has been around for a while, but it still rings true for a book lover you know.

Every month, you get to choose one out of five books, so you can get books related to your favorite genre or genres that you want to test out. You may end up finding a new story that you love if given the chance.

Finding the Best Box

There are so many different boxes out there, that if you want something else, all you have to do is Google it. You’ll find something for everyone – promise!

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