​If you’ve been listening to podcasts lately, you’ve probably heard an advertisement for Madison Reed– the home hair color subscription service. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

 Here’s everything you need to know about this new subscription service for hair color:

​What Is Madison Reed And How Does It Work?

Madison Reed

​Madison Reed is a subscription service for women to color their hair at home. Instead of selecting from in-store box color or booking an expensive trip to the salon, they can have the convenience of at-home hair color uniquely tailored to their needs.

To start enjoying this service, first you’ll want to take their Color Quiz. This quiz will ask relevant and important questions to get to the heart of where you want to take your look and the history of your prior color treatments.

Once you’ve received your result, you’ll have the option of adding it to your cart. Then Madison Reed will want to know if you’re making a one-time order or starting a membership.

With the membership option, you receive a 20% discount on the product and you can schedule regular shipments of your color to fit your needs. You can also opt for an additional tube of the product if you have especially long hair. And your membership comes with a free shampoo and conditioner, valued at $39. The best part of the membership is that you can cancel at any time.

Once you’ve made your order, your package will arrive with all the tools you need to start coloring your hair.

​What Makes Madison Reed Unique

Madison Reed Salon

​Madison Reed has a few differentiators that set them apart in the hair color market:

  • ​Engaged customer service team that is fully staffed with knowledgeable colorists
  • ​Quality products that follow EU regulations for manufacturing
  • ​Distinctive color that leaves out harmful ingredients common in other hair color services
  • ​Progressive photography policy in their advertising that ensures that no model is retouched
  • ​Once you take the color-matching quiz, every product on their site is pre-selected for your needs

​​Pricing On Products – Hair Color, Root Touch-Ups, And More

hair salon service

​What’s great about Madison Reed is that it’s not only the product that stands out– it’s also the pricing. Salons simply can’t compete with the competitive pricing that this subscription service offers its customers.

Here’s the breakdown of their products and prices:

​​​Hair Color

Hair Color

What Madison Reed is best known for are their Permanent Hair Color options. By taking the Color Quiz, customers are given a hand-picked option that fits their needs, and all they have to do next is select a one-time order or a membership order.

Their Permanent Hair Color product is $ for the one-time order or $ for the membership order. When selecting the membership, customers can select their preferred schedule as well. Customers can choose from a range of 2 to 8 weeks.

​​Root Reboot

before and after root reboot

​​Their innovative Root Reboot product only takes 10 minutes to recolor roots to the desired shade. This product is a great fit for those with persistent grays that use Madison Reed for their permanent color or simply want to extend the time between their regular salon visits.

The color washes out after two weeks so it’s not a permanent hair coloration like their premiere product, but more of a short-term solution.

Price-wise, it’s the same cost as their Permanent Hair Color, and can be ordered on a schedule with their membership option.

​​Color Reviving Gloss

Color Reviving Gloss

​​Want the sheen of salon-quality hair color and blowout? Their Color Reviving Gloss keeps hair color shiny and bright.

To order, you’ll first need to pick the hair color closest to your current shade. If you can’t decide, they recommend choosing the lighter option. Then you’ll choose the effect you want the gloss to have on your hair– for example, do you want Coppery Gold tones to your light brunette selection? Or would you prefer Rich Honey tones instead?

The customization of their color selection when it comes to this product is truly unmatched.

Customers can expect to pay $ for a one-time order and $ for the membership order. Each order is good for two applications, and they recommend using the product every 2-4 weeks or 6-8 shampoos. 

​​Root Touch-Up

Root Touch-Up

But what if you have dark roots coming into your lighter, color-treated hair? The Root Reboot won’t make roots lighter, so you’ll need their Root Touch-Up solution. This colored powder works for all kinds of root colors. Think of it like makeup, but for your hair.

At $ for a one-time order, it lasts roughly 60 individual uses, and each use stays in place between hair washes.



Madison Reed really knows hair color. That’s why they developed a priming treatment to prepare hair to receive their color best.

Frequently coloring hair causes old color to build up over time, which this primer eradicates by going into the cuticle and dissolving the unwanted color away. Then your hair is primed and ready for its next color treatment.

It doesn’t damage your natural hair color and can enhance the effect of your next color application. Each tube is one-use, so you’ll need to reorder when you use it. They recommend reapplication every 3-4 times you color your hair for the best effect. While the application only takes 20 minutes, the full priming process takes roughly one hour.



Balayage in a bottle? Believe it or not, it’s true. The trending hair-painting method of balayage highlights is available at Madison Reed with their Light Works hair color product.  

After answering a few questions about your current level of highlights and the tone you want, you’ll be given a highlight color recommendation for your tailored balayage order.

Their Light Works package includes a wishbone applicator for perfect highlight placement. They also provide online tutorials to ensure you get the perfect look you want on your first try.

The Light Works product cost $ for a one-time order.

Concerned about damaging your hair with long-term highlighting? The Bond Building Cleansing Treatment works in place of a weekly color protecting shampoo to strengthen and cleanse your highlighted hair.

​​Hair Care & Styling

Hair Care & Styling

Madison Reed has two shampoo options and one conditioner to choose from that fit your hair color needs. Their regular shampoo and conditioner help preserve color and provide a deep clean. They also offer a shampoo that diminishes brassy tones in brunette hair to extend the lifespan of your brunette, color-treated hair.

When it comes to styling products, Madison Reed has a lightweight styling cream and an anti-frizz cream. Both are sulfate-free, so they won’t strip color from color-treated hair. They also protect from heat damage and UV rays.

A one-time order of the lightweight styling cream costs $ and a one-time order of the anti-frizz cream costs $. Both are good for multiple uses.


hair styling Accessories

Madison Reed doesn’t just stop at color. They also provide all the tools (and more!) that you’ll need to get the best hair color experience.

Their coloring products come with all the basic tools you’ll need to get the job done, but if you want to take it up a notch, their accessories might be right for you:

  • ​Pro color bowl + brush: $7.95
  • ​Color accessory kit $19.95
  • ​Travel sized brow definition brush $7.95
  • ​Professional comb: $7.95
  • ​Professional hair clips: $7.95
  • ​Professional comb + clip kit: $12.95
  • ​Salon smock: $14.95
  • ​Full size brow definition brush $14.95

​Coupons And Deals

​Below, we’ve rounded up several places to find a discount or coupon for Madison Reed:

  • ​Be sure to check out this coupon for free shipping on your first order. The online coupon company Honey has a 10% off and free shipping coupon too.
  • ​Their referral program has a big incentive too– both you and the person who receives the referral gets $15 towards their next order.
  • ​And don’t forget that membership comes with its own financial perk: every order made through the membership is 20% regular pricing.

​Public Perception Of Madison Reed

Madison Reed models

​This company has taken dramatic steps to cultivate a recognizable brand, develop brand values, and deliver on those brand promises. As a result, public perception of this brand is positive and growing by the day.

Their mission is to “To make luxurious, at‑home hair color with ingredients you can feel good about.” And their commitment to transparency in their ingredients, high-quality sourcing, and protecting your hair shines through every element of their brand.

They have a high commitment to customer service to ensure that their brand promise holds true– customers can expect both a tailored online experience and conversational experience with a Madison Reed Colorist to achieve their perfect home hair color. Customers can even send a current photo to their customer service team for an even more personalized experience and hair color recommendation.

This brand has also supported campaigns that prioritize feminism and celebrating authenticity. As a result, they’ve embraced a “no-retouching” philosophy when it comes to the women featured in their advertising. This doubly enforces their authenticity, as it celebrates real women and ensures that the hair color results they showcase in photos are not artificially exaggerated.

​How It Compares To Other Options

​Salon Hair Color

​When comparing Madison Reed to traditional color appointments at a salon, it really comes down to quality, price point, and skill of application.

The quality of the hair color products at Madison Reed are just as good, if not better than many of the products you’ll see at the salon.

The price point is a no-brainer here. Salon color treatments usually gauge the average customer in terms of time and money. It’s common for these appointments to cost hundreds of dollars and can have a high frequency of recurring appointments.

That’s a lot of time scheduling and traveling to the salon, not to mention the hit to your wallet.

Each product at Madison Reed costs less than $$ and is delivered right to your door just when you need it.

But when it comes to skill, you’re really depending on Madison Reed to walk you through the steps to home hair color, especially more complex applications like balayage. And Madison Reed seems to have made education a priority with helpful videos that walk you through each step of the process.

Most helpful of all, they have a customer service staff filled with colorists who can provide personalized, real-time help along the way.  You can call, email, or even live chat with their team as you color your hair.

​Store-Bought Color

​The alternative to salon-quality appointments is the trip to the grocery store or convenience store for a box of hair dye.

The quality ranges in this department and most products don’t provide the level of non-toxic ingredients that Madison Reed assures.

Often store-bought color can be one-dimensional and flat, while the products from Madison Reed are multi-dimensional and tailored exactly to every customer’s needs. With the Color Quiz, customers know exactly what they should be buying. With store-bought color, customers are mostly on their own.  

Many of these brands don’t have the sheer bulk of educational resources and videos that Madison Reed provides, nor do they have the level of customer care exclusive to the subscription service.

While the price point is similar, the range of products often don’t include more complex applications like highlights and balayage.

And unless you’re ordering from Amazon, those boxed hair dyes won’t arrive at your door.

​What We Think Of Madison Reed

​With all these distinctive products and amenities, Madison Reed is clearly a good investment for those interested in affordable yet high-quality home hair color.

The combination of high-quality customer service, customized experiences, and unparalleled ingredients make this subscription a no-brainer.

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