Subscription boxes are quite literally all the rage nowadays. There are monthly subscription boxes for basically everything you can think of, from food to shoes and even clothes in general. Le Tote is one of those subscription boxes that provides women with the option of renting their clothes instead of outright purchasing them, though they do have that option if they choose to do so.

So, what does Le Tote have compared to other clothing subscription boxes? Let’s take a look, shall we?

What Is Le Tote And What Does It Offer Consumers?

Le Tote subscription

Le Tote is one of many different clothing subscription services catered towards women. This specific subscription box offers not only two different plan types but multiple options underneath each plan option.

So How Does This Clothing Subscription Work?

First things first, you’ll need to take a short quiz on the types of clothing you are looking for.

Casual? Work? Fitness? You’ll also be asked if you are choosing their classic option or maternity option.

From there you’ll be asked about specific styles of pieces for tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories. Once you finish going through the style picks, you’ll be asked what your personal stylists should focus on such as your weekly attire, casual attire and dressier options. For each of those three, you will be asked if you want each option considered frequently, sometimes or rarely.

After you’ve finished with all the little quiz questions, you will be asked to pick your subscription option. They have an option that includes accessories and one that doesn’t, and in each of those options, an additional three options for how many pieces you wish to receive.

Once you all done with set up, you simply wait for an email saying your Tote is ready for review. You can then swap out anything that doesn’t suit you, and after you’ve finalized everything, it is sent to you with free 2 to 3-day shipping.

How long do you get to keep the items you receive? As long as you’d like.

Once you are done with the items in your tote, you simply put everything in return back and send it back, again with free shipping.

What If You Fall In Love With A Piece?

Members have the option of keeping an item and returning the rest. The item that they don’t return will be charged to their card on file after the returned items are received. The good news is that members get special pricing at all times, many up to 50% off retail price.

How Is Le Tote Different From Other Clothes Subscription Boxes?

La tote Box

Le Tote offers a great variety of different items for women, but their biggest difference is the fact that they offer options for not only the everyday woman but also those who are expecting.

Many women find maternity shopping to be difficult, so having the option to use a subscription service that offers maternity-wear as needed is great. Let’s face it, maternity wear is only needed for so long, so being able to switch back to the classic option afterward is convenient.

The fact that this service is for women only means that it is intended for a limited market. This isn’t all that surprising though, as there are a variety of other subscription services that are intended for men only.

Le Tote Pricing Options For Different Wants And Needs

Le Tote Pricing Options for Different Wants and Needs

As mentioned earlier, Le Tote has quite a few different options when it comes to their membership plans and prices.



The Classic membership plan is the one that would suit most women’s needs. The sizes in this range go from XS through XXL or 0 through size 16.

Subscribers have the option to pick from the accessories option or the one without. The price of their subscription will depend on which plan they go with and how many items in each tote they decide to pick.



The Maternity membership plan is the perfect option for those between week 4 through week 41 of their pregnancy. Just like the Classic membership, there are not only a wide variety of sizes to suit most women’s needs, but also a variety of different brands. This helps reassure mom’s to be that they will be looking good throughout their pregnancy.

So how does one go about choosing their sizing for the maternity collection? The site suggests that you begin with your pre-pregnancy size.

“Our Maternity clothes are specially designed to evolve and fit your changing body. If a style is too snug, be sure to let us know when you rate your tote. We'll take your feedback into account and update your size recommendations moving forward.”

Again, subscribers have the option to pick from the accessories option or the one without accessories. Just like with the Classic membership, the price will depend on which plan you decide to go with.

What Do Consumers Think Of Le Tote?

What Do Consumers Think of Le Tote

Because there are so many different subscription boxes available on the market, especially geared towards women, it is important to look into the subscription you are considering before simply jumping in.

Le Tote isn’t as widely known when compared to other popular clothing subscription boxes, such as Stitch Fix. So, we decided to take a detailed look into what the consumer had to say about the service to see if it provided everything it claims to its consumers.

Below are the results of our research on consumer reviews, and it’s pretty telling as far as what subscribers had to say about the services.


Le Tote is a concept that many people get excited about, especially those that don’t like the idea of shopping for clothes on a regular basis. The idea of renting clothes that you only wear for a short time before returning them for something fresh and new is really a neat idea. The fact that subscribers can get a deep discount on pieces that they fall in love with and choose to purchase is another great feature.

The fact that users can also customize their totes before they are sent out is great because a lot of other subscriptions don’t allow this option. For many services, users have to wait until their shipment arrives to see what they are getting, so if they don’t like something, they are stuck with it until they return it.

Subscribers also have the choice to alternate between Le Tote’s Classic subscription and their Maternity subscription. Many clothing subscription boxes don’t offer this choice, so users are either forced to cancel or suspend their services to get something they need for their pregnancy wardrobe. The fact that Le Tote has a maternity option is great because many women hate buying maternity clothing simply for the fact that they wear it for such a short amount of time. By renting it through this service, they can wear it as long as they want and return it when they are done. No hassle of purchasing outfits they will wear once or twice and then having them take up valuable closet space.

While the pros mentioned above are all great in theory, after looking over hundreds of customer reviews on Le Tote, it seems that they are just great theories. It seems as if the company promises consumers more than they actually offer, and many customers are left feeling cheated and just overall displeased with the service.

One of the most complained about topics is that Le Tote’s customer service is simply horrendous. Throughout our research, we found complaint after complaint from reviews saying that customer service simply made false promises or pinned issues on the consumer for one reason or another. Many stated that they tried canceling their accounts only to be charged over and over again, and each time they called to complain, they were told one thing or another, but that their account would officially close at some point.

Another frequent complaint was the fact that users had to return all items at once instead of being able to return defective or unwanted materials while enjoying the pieces that did work for them. Many were under the impression that they would be able to return unwanted items but were left shocked when they were later charged for not returning items they decided to keep. It is important to note that all items must be returned at the same time because otherwise your card on file will be charged for the missing pieces and marked as purchased.

Finally, consumers often found that they received items that were nowhere close to the sizes they requested, and others stated that their items were not cleaned as promised between users. On the site, it specifically states that all items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after the user returns them.

Yes, items are rented out, so that means that items have been worn multiple times before being delivered to your doorstep. The company even goes so far as to state that you don’t have to wash a thing because they handle it.

So, when users received items that were clearly not cleaned or inspected, it is rather unsettling, and understandably so.

  • Subscription Makes Shopping Less of a Hassle
  • Able to Customize Tote
  • Ability to Switch Between Classic Subscription and Maternity


  • Can be Pricey
  • Can’t return and Keep Select Pieces in a Tote Without Having to Purchase the Items Not Returned
  • Not many Options
  • Difficult to Search for Items to Swap in Your Totes

How Does Le Tote Compare To Its Competitors?

Le Tote

With so many other options for clothing subscriptions out there, we decided to look at a few of Le Tote’s competitors to see how they stacked up.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a clothing subscription service that is run by Nordstrom, instantly making it more noteworthy than a lot of the lesser known clothing subscription boxes out there. This subscription caters to both men and women and allows you to talk one-on-one with your personal stylist and even offers users to receive deliveries as often as monthly to “just whenever.” Keep what you like as your purchase and return what you don’t, simple as that.

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is another clothing rental service intended for women who thrive on style. Users sign up for their account and then pick out the designer pieces that catch their eye. Users can even pick a free backup size to their order if they aren’t sure. From there you choose your delivery date and then return it within four to eight days depending on the timeframe chosen during the time of rental.





Le Tote

Le Tote

Trunk Club

Trunk Club

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway

Thoughts On Le Tote

While the concept of Le Tote is very intriguing, there simply seem to be far too many negatives than there are positives.

The fact that this company focuses on renting and returning clothes is interesting and appealing to those that simply want something to switch up their wardrobe. Being able to customize your order before it is finalized and sent out is also a great concept considering many clothing subscription boxes simply send you stuff, and you sent back what you don’t like.

While this is a great concept, it seems as if Le Tote has a long way to go to perfecting its practices. For a company that states that users don’t have to clean their clothing before sending it back because they will wash and sanitize it all, there is no reason for the sheer number of reviews of musty, dirty and clearly unexamined clothing that we came across.

Would we recommend this service? Not in the least, especially with services such as Stitch Fix and others that have much more consumer respect.

Coupons and Deals for First Time Le Tote Subscribers

For those that are intrigued by La Tote, the company does hold quite a few different sales on subscriptions, such as 10% off your first box and so on. Many reviewing sites offer affiliate links that give varying discounts to first-time subscribers.

The site also offers gift cards that consumers can purchase for loved ones that allow them credit towards so many months of the service. 

There is also an option for friends to send out referrals for a free or discounted tote, though the receiver must remember to return and cancel their account at least three days prior to the end of their 14-day trial to avoid membership fees.

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