​In case you’re not sure what a subscription box is, here’s a quick breakdown. You pay a certain amount of money (often between $10-$40) for a box or package of niche products to be delivered to you every month.  These boxes cover an astoundingly wide range of preferences, from clothes to food to crafts to body care products to pet care, and everything in between. You can find a subscription box for every person, every budget, and every niche.

Kiwi Crate, or KiwiCo as the company is actually known, sends subscription boxes with age-appropriate STEAM projects (STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math) for kids. KiwiCo ships their subscription crates internationally, and they have five lines of thoroughly researched and tested crates available that suit kids from birth to age sixteen.

​​Here's A Video Of A Kid Unboxing Kiwi Crate

​KiwiCo Product Lines

There are five different lines available from KiwiCo, separated into groups by age. All of them are created with help from experts to make sure they are age-appropriate and engaging, implementing STEAM principles to ensure that each crate is grounded in education and learning, as well as fun and creativity.

​Cricket 3-Month Newborn

Pack: 0-3 Months

newborn pack

Instead of a monthly subscription, this particular pack for newborns is a set of three boxes that are all delivered at the same time. They contain an assortment of items for both babies and parents.

  • A soft swaddle blanket
  • Plush sea animal toys
  • Mobile kit to use with the plush toys
  • 3 board books
  • Informational booklet
  • Tummy time mirror

​As it’s not a monthly subscription, the Newborn Pack is a one-time payment. The sale price is $28.95, and the pack is regularly $74.95.

​Cricket: 0-36 Months

Explore And Discover

kiwi crate samples

​This line has projects and activities aimed at babies and toddlers to get them started on a learning path. A few examples of box themes are Neighborhood Fun that focuses on places and people in a neighborhood, Grow With Me that introduces the idea of measurements, Forest Friends and Ocean Games that teach about the two different habitats, and Kitchen Play to implement food and cooking concepts.

  • Board book
  • A couple multi-use and age-appropriate projects and activities with all supplies included
  • Magazine with parental advice and information and suggestions for more activities
  • Online resources

​As it’s not a monthly subscription, the Newborn Pack is a one-time payment. The sale price is $28.95, and the pack is regularly $74.95.

​Koala: 3-4 Years

​Play And Learn

Koala Crate

​For preschool-age kids, the Koala line focuses on hands-on activities and projects to craft and play. A few examples of Koala Crate themes are Reptiles, Cityscapes, Little Artist, Camping, Snow, Rainbow, and Transportation. The Imagine! magazine is particularly useful for inspiring kids to try other activities and games that have to do with the month’s theme, and parents especially love the extra ideas it contains.

  • Materials for 2-3 activities
  • Parent guide
  • Imagine! magazine with a variety of games and stories
  • Online resources

​Kiwi: 5-8 Years

​Science, Art, And More

Science & Art sample crate

​The Kiwi Crates have a mix of art and STEM-based activities, to appeal to all areas of learning with elementary school kids and ways to implement creativity with crafts and learning projects. A few of the themes are Arcade, Fun with Flight, Woodland Creatures, Magic, Race Day, Ice Lab, Amazing Anatomy, and Glowing Animals. The projects are more complicated than the activities in the Koala Crates, but still easy enough for the Kiwi-aged kids to follow with minimal help from parents, creating more areas for interaction.

  • Instruction booklets
  • Explore! Magazine with activity ideas and comics
  • 1-2 maker projects
  • Online resources and DIY ideas

​Doodle: 9-16+ Years

​Art And Design

doodle crate

​Doodle Crates are designed specifically for the more artistically-inclined kids, letting them get more creative with their arts and crafts projects. A few of the projects include Wooden Clock, Weaving, Watercolor Calendar, Sumi-E Ink Wash Painting, Color-Blocked Candles, Homemade Colored Pencils, Furoshiki Tote Bag, and Screen-Printing. The projects are all clearly explained, and the online resources are especially helpful in giving the kids more ideas and a better understanding of what they are doing.

  • ​Art and creativity focused project, including supplies
  • Instructions
  • Inspiration sheet (no magazine with this line)
  • Online tutorials

​Tinker: 9-16+ Years

​​Science And Engineering

doodle crate
  • ​The original Tinkering Labs kit: build & rebuild endless robotic creations with a single kit.
  • ​Inventing set for ages 8+: Create unique STEM toys for 8-12 year olds & teens.
  • ​Robotics for kids: build doodling Robots, power Electric model cars, Add motors to Legos, and more!

​The Tinker line focuses on STEM projects for the more scientifically motivated kids, while still maintaining an element of creativity. Some of the projects include a Trebuchet, Hydraulic Claw, Fiber Optic Stars, Secret Code Cypher, Draw Bot, Gravity Game, Buzzing Circuits, Drift Motorcycle, Phantom Projector, and Animation Zoetrope. Minimal adult help should be needed for these projects, letting kids either do them alone or allowing parents to join in the fun rather than having to assemble the project.

  • ​STEM project with supplies included
  • Instructions
  • ​Tinker Zine
  • ​Online tutorials


​KiwiCo is pretty versatile with their options for the subscription. You can pick a one month, three month, six month, or year-long subscription. The price goes down a little if you go for the longer subscriptions (a full 12-month subscription is $203.40, or $16.95/month, with total savings of $95.00), but you do have to pay for the entire subscription upfront at checkout. The regular subscription price is $19.95/month.

You can add on an extra when you sign up and pick which subscription you want by upgrading to deluxe.  This costs an additional $9.95/month, and includes a book sent with your box. While it is a fun option, it is probably not worth the extra cost for most people as it’s a little bit pricey for a single picture book.

The cost for their other gifts, packs, and projects vary depending on the items. By going to their ​Store on the website, you can see all the projects and packs that are available to purchase individually. These other products depend on what extra stock they have and what projects they have available.

If you’d rather receive your crates every other month, KiwiCo is happy to do so, and you just need to get in contact with customer service to arrange it. You are also able to pause your subscription if needed, and can set a date when you wish to resume it again.


Shipping is free within the U.S. with the subscription boxes, but NOT with the individually purchased projects. There is a fun option when you’re ordering to personalize the crate so that the individual child has their own name on the box when it comes in the mail, which is always a fun thing for kids.

​Graduation And Avoiding Duplicates

A cool aspect of the Koala and Kiwi crates is that they come with stickers and a tracking sheet you can color to see what projects you have done and what crates you have received. When you complete all the projects in the Koala line, KiwiCo sends you a graduation box that has the Koala graduation materials and the first Kiwi crate that includes a Kiwi plushie and a tracking poster for future Kiwi crates.

KiwiCo automatically identifies new orders for kids that have already been subscribed to receive crates, and checks the histories to make sure duplicate crates don’t get sent out.

​​​Gifts And Summer Camp Projects

Extra projects and activities can be purchased separately, for different ages or specific themes. The KiwiCo Backyard Summer Camp comes with five projects, made for the Tinker, Kiwi, and Koala lines. The five projects cost $124.75 regularly, with a sale price of $99.95.

The Chemistry Gift Set is a pack of three chemistry crates: Fire Lab, Glow Lab, and Vortex Lab. Originally $129.85, the sale price is $109.95 plus free shipping.

The Science & Art pack comes with three crates: Light-Up Wire Art, Constellation Messenger Bag, and Chalkboard & Glow Slime. $87.85 regularly, the sale price is $74.95 plus free shipping.

Single crates that are left over from previous months vary in cost between $16.95-22.95, and do not include free shipping.

Bulk orders for schools or groups can also be arranged by contacting customer service, and they will help arrange the orders and pricing with you.

​​DIY Ideas

The KiwiCo website has a DIY Ideas section that has a lot of fun things for you to try at home with your own supplies. There are even simple recipes that kids can try out with the help of an adult, and themed ideas for holidays and events.

If for some reason you need to skip a month of the subscription, checking out the DIY Ideas is a great way to keep your kids entertained without them being too disappointed if they are expecting a box. A few of the DIY Ideas include Handprint Felt Mittens, Pom Pom Watering Can, Fluffy Slime, Fairy Dust Necklace, Dino Ornaments, and Foam and Cork Canoe.

​Customer Service And Canceling

KiwiCo has a number to call on the website to contact them, as well as an email address, and a live chat available when checking out in case you need help with your order.

Canceling can be done after the initial prepaid subscription term has ended, and can be handled within your account on the website. Be sure to cancel before the next billing date to avoid unwanted additional crates. KiwiCo does not auto-renew after a subscription has expired, so if you want to continue to receive crates, you will need to subscribe again.


KiwiCo has won many awards such as the Academic’s Choice Award, Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Building Toys, Parents’ Choice Gold, and more. It is consistently ranked in top lists with many parenting magazines, and has been mentioned several times on popular daytime televisions shows.

​​Customer Reviews

​KiwiCo is consistently rated higher than 4 stars, and most customers absolutely love the service. Parents in particular love the age-appropriate lines and the obviously kid-tested projects and activities. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and while the projects aren’t meant to last for years (kids typically tire of toys fairly quickly anyway), they get plenty of use.

The only negative aspect is cost, especially if a parent has to buy crates for multiple children. But the crates contain very high quality supplies and are well-researched, so it’s not a matter of cheap supplies.


  • The instructions for the projects and activities are very clear and easy to follow, taking you through every step of the process.
  • ​The supplies included are of high quality, and all of the supplies needed for the project come in the box.
  • ​You can sign up for individual projects, a single month subscription, or a longer subscription.
  • ​Pausing, canceling, or reactivating the subscription is easy to do online.
  • ​The crates and supplies are neatly and securely packaged.
  • ​Online resources have tips and tricks, additional activities, instructional videos, and other ideas.


  • ​The price may be a little high for some people.
  • ​Some of the projects have limited use once they’re finished.
  • ​Some customers had issues dealing with customer service.

​What We Think

KiwiCo crates are a great option for both kids and their parents. The projects and activities are fun and engaging, the magazines are full of information and ideas, and everything you need comes in the box. You don’t have to look around the house for scissors or glue or anything else, it all comes with the crate. The projects also require minimal adult help, allowing kids to do it themselves or for parents to be a companion rather than an instructor.

Some customers found the boxes a little bit pricey, but they do come with high quality materials. The customer service complaints weren’t common, so that is most likely not going to be an issue for you.

KiwiCo crates rate five stars in our book! This would be a great option, whether you’re signing up for your own kids, or giving it as a gift. In either case, you will be very happy with your subscription.

​Coupons And Deals

​KiwiCo runs limited time deals from time to time, such as around holidays. This July, if you used the code FLAG, you got 50% off your first month.

The website mysubscriptionaddiction.com frequently reviews the monthly boxes from KiwiCo, and they have an affiliate offer through KiwiCo that will get you 40% off and free shipping your first month if you sign up through the link on their page.

Another website also offers the same 40% off affiliate offer, alextran.org.

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