Giveaways are one of the many reasons we love bloggers. If you're like me, you don't like losing, especially if the prize is a trip to Paris. But after losing one too many times, I realized I had to have an ace up my sleeve. I learned how to win giveaways, and now I score free stuff all the time.

You see, there's more to giveaways than just following the influencer's page and leaving a comment on their posts. You need to understand how giveaways work, what bloggers look for when choosing a winner, and how to do it right.

If you're sick and tired of losing at giveaways, you'll want to keep reading.

Giveaways: Generosity or Publicity?

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Have you ever wondered why bloggers and influencers give stuff for free? Are they just generous, or do they have something to gain from it?

The majority of bloggers will admit that there's a warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with making their followers happy. But it's not the main reason why they do it.

Bloggers have giveaways for two reasons. For starters, they do it to gain followers and increase traffic to their site. If you've ever wondered why one of the rules of the giveaway contests is to follow, like, or subscribe, now you know why.

Influencers also give free stuff as a way of advertising. Giveaways are a type of inexpensive advertising and simply excellent public relations for sponsors.

How Giveaways Work

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Now that you know the role giveaways play in building an influencer's brand, it's vital for you to understand how they work to improve your chances of winning.

Bloggers use different methods to plan giveaways and determine the winner. Some use random generator tools, which not only allows them to plan their giveaways but also get accurate results for entries. Some of the tools also show how many days are left in the giveaways and make it easier for fans to keep track of their entries.

However, some bloggers do it manually. They review all entries and use their judgment to select a winner. This manual approach only works for individuals who don't have many followers.

The Best Tips on How to Win Giveaways

Now for the exciting part, how to win giveaways.

It's frustrating to enter hundreds of giveaways and walk away empty-handed each time. But this doesn't have to be the case. There's nothing special about the people who win giveaways. They only know the secrets to the game, and they use them to their advantage in every contest.

And you can do the same with these practical tips on how to win giveaways.

1. Don't throw caution to the winds

2. Your safety is key

3. The right strategy goes a long way

4. Avoid disqualification by doing this

5. Stay in the loop

6. Stay in the running

7. Take advantage of hashtags

8. Your friends can help

9. Use low entries to your advantage

10. Use technology to your advantage

What You Shouldn't Do

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Now that you know how to win giveaways, it's essential for you to know the proper etiquette to maintain while participating in giveaways and some of the things that may ruin your chances.

Here are some of the things you should avoid doing:

No one likes a phony

Don't lie about completing widget entries if you didn't. Most people assume that just because bloggers use software to pick their winners, they don't verify. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Bloggers always verify the win by checking if the entries meet the requirements. Therefore, don't bother lying about it because they'll catch you in your lie.

Forgetting this tip may ruin your chances

The other thing you shouldn't do is create an email for giveaways and forget to check it. Two things can happen. The blogger may send important updates to your email that you may miss and ruin your chances. It may also happen that you are the winner of the giveaway, but since you don't check it, the blogger may be forced to pick another winner due to lack of response.

Don't be a sore loser

A lot of people unfollow bloggers' pages after a giveaway is over. Whether you win or lose, there's no reason to unfollow their page. They gave you a fantastic opportunity to win free stuff. The least you can do is to give them a chance to win you over with their content. It's supposed to be a win-win after all.

Don't make assumptions

Another bad habit people have is complaining when a giveaway is restricted to a specific group of people. They assume the blogger is hating on other groups of people and not being fair. However, this is never the case. When giveaways are restricted to certain countries or states, it's because the sponsor can't ship to other states or countries.

Therefore, avoid jumping to conclusions and trolling bloggers.

Rack up Some Free Stuff

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With these tips on how to win giveaways, you shouldn't have a difficult time winning at one or more giveaways. Just make sure you stay updated on your favorite bloggers' giveaways and stay on the lookout for other contests you may be interested in. And don't forget to use technology to your advantage and play fair.

Were these tips on how to win giveaways insightful? Do you think you now have a better chance? Any more tips you've used that have helped you win? Please share your comments in the comments section below. It's always a joy to hear from you.

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