Harry’s Razors is a company that designs grooming products for men. It has more than 600 engineers, craftsmen, designers and chemists on its team, bringing you the essential shaving products that you need without the price tag that comes along with many modern razors. The initial idea of the company spurred from the inconvenience of purchasing these types of products at a drugstore, since many now store razors locked behind cases that an employee will have to unlock for you. Harry’s Razors offers you an opportunity to have these products sent right to your door, saving you both time and money. With a shaving service that delivers these items to your home, you will no longer have to worry about running out of shaving soap, and you will always have a fresh blade at the ready when you need it.

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What Is This Subscription?

Harry’s Razors Blade

Harry’s Razors is a delivery service for men’s grooming products. The company owns a German razor factory that has been in the business since 1920 and oversees the entire process, from grinding the razors’ steel all the way to delivery to your front door. Harry’s Razors started as an attempt to break away from companies that overcharge for men’s razors and chalk the cost up to design. These simplistic razors are efficient with no frills, so the company can keep costs fair for the consumer. The high quality of the blades and the minimalist design of the handle give you a shave that’s close and comfortable.

What Does This Subscription Do?

Harry's website

Harry’s Razors gives you a dedicated shaving program that offers you grooming products sent straight to your door, each blade costing less than $. The company offers a trial service that gives you approximately two weeks’ worth of products. The trial set, which typically costs $, is now available from Harry’s Razors for $ with free shipping. This trial service allows you to test out a sample kit that includes a razor cartridge, 2 ounces of Harry’s shave gel, a travel blade cover and a razor handle. The razor handle comes in three different colors of rubber with a chrome handle option for an additional $. When you begin the trial service, Harry’s will prompt you to select a refill program of either eight blades and one shave gel, or a family plan of two shave gels and 16 blades. Then, you can select how often you want to have them delivered, and Harry’s will create a delivery plan for you. For instance, if you shave five to seven times per week, your products will ship every two months.

How Does It Work?

Simply sign up for a Harry’s Razors trial service online for $8, select the products you would like delivered if you decide to stick with the program, and then select the frequency of which you would like those deliveries. Then, just sit back, wait to receive your packages, and start shaving.

Where Can You Buy This Subscription?

harry's website

You can purchase a subscription to Harry’s Razors from Harrys.com.

How We Reviewed

Harry’s Razors

We understand that it is important to bring you honest and accurate information when it comes to the purchase of a subscription to a delivery service for grooming products, and because of this, we believe it is necessary for you to understand how we reviewed the service. First, we researched the company and its history as well as its current operations. Then, we investigated other companies that offer similar services to see how they compare. Finally, we review feedback from customers who have already tried to service in order to gain a clear understanding of what the service offers, and if they deliver the experience that they claim.

Overall Price Range Of This Service

The trial of Harry’s Razors starts at $8, but the cost can climb to $35 every two months for the company’s Family Plan.

How It Compares

Key Features

Harry’s Razors gives you a customizable experience that offers grooming products delivered right to your door. The company owns the razor factory that produces all of its blades, which ensures that it has control over the quality of its razors from the start of their creation until they are shipped out. The cartridge that holds the blades has a rubber hinge that allows the razor to be used comfortably by mimicking the contours of your face. In addition to the five main blades, you also receive a trimming blade for places that are hard to reach. However, these five blades have the shape of a Gothic Arch, which strengthens its base while allowing optimal sharpness of the tip.

  • Each razor comes with a different selection of handle options, and there are two different designs - the Winston and the Truman.
  • As only the cartridges of the razors are disposable, the company includes an option to engrave your initials on the handle of the Winston.
  • The Truman is a more cost-effective model where the Winston can be considered a more premium razor.
  • While Harry’s claims the blades conform to your face’s contours, it still may take a few passes over areas like the chin.


A subscription to Harry’s Razors can cost up to $$ every two months for the Family Pack.

Where To Buy

You can purchase a subscription to Harry’s Razors from Harrys.com.

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Key Features

Dollar Shave Club offers a starter set for $ with free shipping. Included in its “Daily Essentials Starter Set,” Dollar Shave Club provides a razor handle, a trial of shave butter, a body cleanser trial, four razor cartridges and a three-pack of One Wipe Charlies. The company then follows up your free trial with monthly Restock Boxes for $$. These Restock Boxes include eight razor cartridges, 6 ounces of shave butter, 40 One-Wipe Charlies, and 12 ounces of body cleanser. Dollar Shave Club allows you to add products to your boxes and remove products at your convenience and even change the frequency of shipments. If you want to cancel your subscription at any time, there is no penalty for cancellation.

  • The Dollar Shave Club offers a “Handsome Discount” with 5% off of two or three items, 10% off of four or five pieces, and 15% off six or more products.
  • Dollar Shave Club doesn’t require any sort of commitment, so you can cancel when you need to.
  • The company offers a 100% money back guarantee.
  • The cost of the initial trial is less than Harry’s Razors’ offer.
  • A month with Dollar Shave Club costs around the same as two months with Harry’s Razors, with few extra benefits.


A trial of the Dollar Shave club costs $ with $$ Restock Boxes sent monthly.

Where To Buy

You can purchase a subscription to Dollar Shave Club from dollarshaveclub.com.



Key Features

BirchboxMan offers a few different subscription plans for its grooming service. The monthly deliveries that the company provides cost $ per month with free shipping. The six-month payment plan bills for the service two times a year, and BirchboxMan offers a $ discount with the code MEN54. Additionally, the company sells an annual service for $$$, with a $ discount with the code ANNUAL96. Each subscription also comes with a free gift: either a pair of sunglasses, vitamins or Fatboy Tough Guy Water Wax.

  • Get a free gift with your subscription.
  • While not necessarily a box for shaving products, BirchboxMan provides a service that gives you five different samples of top-shelf products each month.
  • The company has a Grooming Profile that you fill out prior to subscribing to help tailor your box to you.
  • BirchboxMan is not recommended for those who are looking strictly for a beard care delivery service.


Pricing for BirchboxMan can range from $ to $$.

Where To Buy

You can sign up for a subscription to BirchboxMan on birchbox.com.

Bevel Shave System - Starter Kit. Safety Razor, Shave Creams, Oil,...
  • Clinically tested to help prevent razor bumps and irritation
  • Everything you need for a cleaner, smoother shave
  • Designed to provide a high quality and premium grooming experience

Key Features

The creators of Bevel did so specifically to reduce razor bumps in people of color in order to make shaving a more comfortable experience. Bevel offers a monthly subscription for $$ each month, a quarterly subscription for $$ per month and an annual subscription each month for $$ per month. Refill Kits will ship free every three months, which include 60 blades, shave cream, priming oil and restoring balm. The actual box itself contains all of this plus a safety razor and a shave brush. When you buy from Bevel, you’ll get a 10% discount on all products, even those that are recent additions. Also, the company offers a 30-day return policy.

  • It gives people of color an excellent option for a delivery service with high-quality grooming products.
  • The company offers a 10% discount on all of its products for customers.
  • Customizable frequencies for delivery are available.
  • Shipping is only free for refill boxes every third month.


A subscription to Bevel can cost anywhere from $$ to $$ per month, depending on the billing frequency that you select.

Where To Buy

You can subscribe to Bevel at getbevel.com.

The Verdict

While we think that Harry’s is great, if you are interested in continuing your search for a shaving service, first set a budget for yourself, and make sure that you stick to it. Total up the cost of the service for the entire year, and then ask yourself if that cost will be a strain on your finances. Even if it doesn't break the bank, sometimes the prices can outweigh the benefits. Find a service that has a subscription that you feel comfortable paying for.

Look at everything that is offered by multiple different services. Will you use all of the advantages that come with the subscription service? If not, it may be a good idea to take a look at another service that offers products that you will utilize every month. Many of these services actually provide customizability where you can select a few of the company’s specific products to be delivered to you monthly instead of having a surprise each time.

Take a look at reviews that customers have left on the company’s website. This can help you to gain a better understanding of the service. Make sure to take a look at both positive and negative reviews from multiple people for a well-balanced view. Often, companies will even have this type of feedback listed directly on its website. If you are unable to find customer reviews on the company’s home page, a quick search on Google should reveal common thoughts about the service.

After a thorough review, Harry’s Razor is overall one of the best available home-delivery grooming kits. The trial version is only a flat $8 and should last you for about two weeks, which should be a good indication for you of whether or not you would like to continue with the service. If you do, all you have to do is wait for your next shipment, but if you find that you don’t like the service, simply contact Harry’s Razor and cancel the service at any time. Additionally, Harry’s Razor is the only subscription razor service that can back the quality of its blades, as it owns the factory in which they are manufactured. The extra trimming blade is a nice addition to the replaceable cartridges to help you get to hard to reach spots, like right under the nose. For only $21 every three months, Harry’s Razor is an excellent option for those who want a simple and effective solution for home-delivery grooming products.

We give it 5/5 stars.

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