Whether you are at work, on the town or relaxing at home, you want to look your best. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends and finding enough time to shop for seasonal clothing can be virtually impossible for busy men. Fortunately, there is a solution. By using a box service, you get ready-to-wear looks without ever leaving your home. As you probably know, there are several box services on the market today. Not every service, however, is a smart investment for every man. How do you know the difference between a good box service and an inferior one? That’s where we come in. In this article, we look at the popular box service known as the Menlo Club, previously called the Five Four Club. Read on for a comprehensive review, including pricing information, deals, coupons and more.

The Pros and Cons of The Menlo Club


  • The quality of the clothing is durable
  • Elegant clothing
  • Excellent value subscription


  • Only for men's clothing and accessories

The Menlo (Five Four) Club Review

Source: Menlo Club

Criterion #1: Menlo Club Clothing Quality

The quality of the clothing you receive from the Menlo Club is remarkably good. Most clothes come from the Five Four Club label. Which has a reputation or being well-made and durable. In most monthly packages, you receive two to three items. In eight months out of the year, the clothing you receive is Five Four Club clothing. We love these selections for their design and construction.

Here's A Video of "Menlo Club - August Preview w/Dee Murthy"

Every Two Months Out of the Year

Two months out of the year, you get Mark McNairy footwear. Generally, this means you get a couple of pairs of sneakers each month. While you may not love to wear sneakers. You probably won’t object to the quality of Mark McNair footwear. The company’s signatures have a well-deserved reputation for quality and durability.

The other two months out of the year, you receive fashionable athleisure wear from Grand Athletic Club. As you probably know, Grand AC makes good clothes for fashion-conscious active individuals. The clothing from this line is made from high-grade textiles with excellent stitching.

Most of the clothes you receive from your Menlo Club subscription are imported to the United States.

Our Rating

Criterion #2: Clothing Variety

The problem with most clothing subscription services is that clothing begins to all look the same. Few things are more frustrating than expecting variety. Only to have your closet fill up with shirts, pants and other garments that look alike. That isn’t the case with Menlo Club.

When you order from Menlo Club, a style curator determines which looks work with your size and style preferences. Because the company uses seasonal styling. You always get the newest looks. Even better, your clothing likely works with other pieces you receive during the same season. After just a few months, you have mix-and-match pieces that you can wear to dozens of functions.

Service For Business or Dress Clothing

Menlo Club is not, however, a subscription service for business or dress clothing. The services parent, Five Four Club, is known for creating compelling casual wear looks for men. If you are looking for suits or business casual garments, this isn’t the right service for you.

We don’t think that probably many matters to you. With the comparatively low subscription fee, you get clothing that wears well every day. If you want to look put together on the weekends or evenings. You probably won’t be disappointed by the clothing variety that comes with your Menlo Club subscription. You also won’t have to worry about wearing last year’s clothes. As Menlo Club offers new styles every season. Simply put, there is no recycling of old looks at Menlo Club.

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Criterion #3: Value

A Menlo Club membership costs $60 per month. After subscribing, you get rotating curated packages that include either two or three items every month. Some months, your subscription includes footwear. Other months, you get designer sportswear.

Regardless of where you live, $60 per month is an excellent value for a couple or three garments. While the company does not offer refunds or returns, it does allow you to exchange pieces that don’t work with your style. You must do so, however, within 30 days of receiving your shipment.

For International Customers

International customers must pay a $30 surcharge, while Canadians pay a $25 fee. This extra cost accounts for non-domestic processing. While international or Canadian surcharges may seem high, they are comparable in the industry. As such, we can’t deduct any value points based on these common charges.

We think the style benefit of having a personal curator is worth $60 on its own. The Menlo Club curators understand fashion and body types. Even better, the Menlo Club offers discounts for referrals. If you refer a friend, he or she gets $40 off the first order. As a thank you for your referral, the company gives you a $30 credit.

Our Rating

Criterion #4: Style Curation

Where Menlo Club stands out is with its style of curation. After inputting details about your fashion sense and your size, a style curator determines which garments have the best chance of looking good on you. These style curators know what they are doing.

When reviewing the experiences of actual subscribers, we found that most raved about the talents of their style curators. If, however, you don’t like a garment, you can exchange it within 30 days. Simply fill out the company’s form and follow its instructions to get a new piece.

The Menlo Club is capable of accommodating virtually every man. The service has sizes ranging from Small to XXXL. Trouser waist sizes range from 29-inches to S44-inches, while shoes are available for size seven through 15. If you need to get your jeans tailored, a company gives you a $10 credit.

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Criterion #5: Packaging

Where the Menlo Club could use some work is with its packaging. Your monthly garments come in a nondescript black envelope. Opening the envelope isn’t exciting. In fact, it reminds us of opening a package from an adult store or a novelty shop. That’s disappointing.

We would like to see the Menlo Club change its packaging to help improve the overall customer experience. Some of the service’s competitors use decorative boxes. We think that’s better. Still, with the quality of the clothing and the comparatively low subscription price, we understand why the packaging isn’t more exciting. We just wish the opening experience was a tad better.

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Criterion #6: Online Dashboard

Whoever developed the online dashboard for the Menlo Club deserves a programming award. The site is elegant and simple to navigate. By completing just a few fields, you tell your style curator exactly what you want. If you need to talk to a company representative, the interactive chat feature is always available.

Additionally, customer support for the Menlo Club gets rave reviews from users. Company representatives are both responsive and knowledgeable. Their primary goal seems to be to keep you happy. We love that.

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The Menlo Club FAQs

To help you understand some basic information about Menlo, we have collected a few common questions. Here are answers to five of them.

1. What Is Menlo Club?

Originally called Five Four Club, Menlo Club is an internet-based men’s membership program that delivers clothing to men every month as a monthly subscription. The service provides a curator who determines the best looks for each customer.

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2. How Does Menlo Club Work?

To enroll in Menlo Club, users visit the company’s website. After entering some basic information, including payment information, users get a personal curator. The curator picks out appropriate clothing for the client using information provided directly by each customer. As long as the customer continues to pay the monthly subscription fee, a box of clothing arrives at his door every month. Customers can cancel at any time.

3. What Kind of Clothing Does the Menlo Club Provide?

The Menlo Club delivers curated men’s clothing every month to its customers. Throughout the year after subscribing, you receive men’s casual wear from the club’s parent brand, Five Four Club. You also get footwear by Mark McNairy and sportswear from Grand AC. Eight months out of the year, you receive Five Four Club casual wear. Two months, you get Mark McNairy footwear. The last two months, your package contains athleisure wear from Grand Athletic Club.

4. How Much Does Menlo Club Cost?

Menlo Club is a subscription-based service. To subscribe, you must pay $60 plus any applicable taxes. Your first order ships after you subscribe. Each month after that, the company charges your credit card on the 15th of the month. Between five and seven business days later, your monthly shipment leaves the company’s facility and heads to your home. As such, you can plan for packages to arrive before the end of the month. A company representative e-mails tracking information for each package when it ships.

Surcharges and shipping costs for Menlo Club depend on your location. The company is located in California, so California residents pay California state tax. Surcharges for international shipments are $30. Canadian customers pay a surcharge of $25.

5. How Can You Become a Member of the Menlo Club?

If you want to become a member of the Menlo Club, the process is simple. The company has a user-friendly website that helps you sign up. You simply answer a few questions about your size and style preference. Then, supply the company with your credit card information to become a member. Your credit card will be billed instantly, and your shipment should be processed within five to seven business days. After that, you remain a member of the Menlo Club until you cancel.

How We Reviewed the Menlo Club of Five Four Club

Whether you want to look your best for capturing the perfect Instagram photo. Or simply want to put your best foot forward in everyday life. You need the right clothing. After all, your clothing is often the first thing others notice about you. We understand that shopping online can be challenging. How do you know if a shirt or a pair of trousers work with your body type and overall styling? When should you order to receive your clothing in time for a big event?

Online clothing clubs take much of the guesswork out of dressing. As you probably know, these clubs are popping up seemingly everywhere. Not every club, however, is a good use of your time and money. How do you know the difference between an excellent club and an inferior one?

Review Every Aspect

To give you honest, reliable and useful information, we carefully reviewed the Menlo Club. We looked at every aspect of the club. In conducting our research, we read through dozens of pages of marketing materials and other published items. We didn’t stop there, though. Instead, we considered the opinions of both professional reviewers and actual customers. The result is a review we know you can trust.

Here's A Video of Menlo Club - July Preview w/Dee Murthy

Based on Objective Criteria 

In this article, we evaluate the Menlo Club based on some objective criteria. Specifically, to earn out a stamp of approval, we expect the Menlo Club to excel in each of the following areas:

  • Clothing quality
  • Clothing variety
  • Value
  • Style curation
  • Packaging
  • Online dashboard
  • We discuss each of these areas individually below. To help you better understand the Menlo Club, we have set up a five-point rating system. If we think the club stands out in a specific area, we rate it highly. If it falls short, our ratings indicate areas where improvement is necessary.

    The Verdict: The Menlo Club Is an Excellent Men’s Wardrobe Subscription Service

    Keeping on top of the latest fashion trends is extraordinarily difficult. Often, busy men purchase seasonal styles for a month or two too late. If you don’t want to devote hours to buy the latest casual, athleisure and footwear products, the Menlo Club has you covered.

    In virtually every category we considered, the Menlo Club beat expectations. In fact, we had to look hard to find something bad to say about the subscription service. Current and former customers agree with our assessment. Simply put, the Menlo Club is an excellent men’s wardrobe subscription service.

    Whether you want to avoid shopping or simply always look your best, we don’t think you can go wrong with the Menlo Club, formerly called the Five Four Club.

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