If you are a wine lover that wants to become a wine expert, then Firstleaf can be for you.

We all love wine, but do you have real knowledge about it? You probably have a favorite brand or type of wine that you are used to stick with, but there’s a lot more to it.

​Building your own informed taste in wines takes a while and you can only do it by trial and error. But the hardest part is knowing where to start. Luckily, in today’s world, there is a solution for everything and you can educate your taste in wine without even leaving your home.

This is what Firstleaf will help you do. We have a detailed review of what it is, what services they offer, how they present their product and how many options you have available for using their service.

So if you are committed to turn your taste for wine into a real passion, read on.

​What Is Firstleaf And How Does It Work?

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​Firstleaf is an online wine subscription service aimed at helping you enjoy different wines in an affordable and comfortable way, and educate your taste over time by trying different types. The company launched in 2016 so it’s relatively young, and their central product is the delivery services of their customized wine boxes.

​This is how it works:

The main idea behind Firstleaf is that you keep track of the wines you try, so they can customize their deliveries to your personal preferences. You will receive a monthly subscription box with your updated preferences, depending on what you have liked and disliked so far. Let’s review the first steps you will go through if you decide to sign up for a subscription.


Create A Profile

​When you go online, the site will give you the chance to take a short quiz to get to know you better and set your basic preferences. They will ask you what kind of wines you usually enjoy (red, white, pink, rose, sparkly), the amount of wine you usually drink monthly, and from which region you usually buy your wine.


​Choose Your First Offer

​When you are done with the quiz, they will offer you an introductory box of three wines at $5 for each bottle. You can choose what kind of wines you want to try. Firstleaf will use this initial information you give them to start customizing your profile and sending you monthly boxes as close to your taste as possible.


​Rate Your Picks

Once you have tried the wines from your first sample, you can log back into your account and rate each wine. You can give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down mark and even explain in a little text box what you liked (or didn’t) about them. This is a great way for you to start building something like a ‘’wine diary’’ and also for the company to get more information about what you like, so don’t forget to leave your reviews. This will make sure you get wines that you enjoy more and more.

​If you want a more detailed look into the whole process, check detailed unboxing reviews so you know what to expect ahead of time. The shippings are personalized and have a beautiful design, and the product is well thought and has an exclusive feeling to it.

​What Makes Firstleaf Unique?

Firstleaf wine

The company has a standard process of placing your wine orders, but there are some features that set them apart from others.

The special thing about their services is their built in algorithm. This is what helps them build your own taste profile based on your wine preferences, and the longer you use their services, the more information they will have, so every wine bottle you get will be better than the last one.

This is a pretty good strategy to build client fidelity and guarantee their customers that they will always be as satisfied as possible. All you need to do is take a minute or two to rate the wines you received and let them know if you liked them or not.

If you want to know more about how this algorithm works, they have a very detailed blog post about it published on their website. This definitely sets them apart and is a very cool feature because it’s all about personalization, you can be sure you are not getting a generic sample every time you receive a box.

But there is even more to Firstleaf that makes them special!

They have a particular strong ‘’farm-to-table’’ approach, which means you will not get stock wine that has been kept in storage for a long time. They guarantee quality wine produced in the region and this is a great feature if you are trying to build knowledge about wines that are not the traditional store bought drink.

And by focusing on this approach, they also make sure that you don’t have to pay unknowingly for the cost of dealing with middlemen such as distributors and producers, which is what most of the time makes store bought wine so expensive. They have a honest and direct approach to their strategy that puts locally produced quality at the top of their business strategy.

So how much does a subscription cost? Let’s look at the standard prices and the subscription options you can choose from.


Firstleaf has a reasonable pricing, and this is something many other reviewers agree on. You can basically get two products: the first subscription box and your regular monthly box.

For the subscription box, you will pay only $5 for each bottle and get three different types of wine. If you decide to keep your subscription and start receiving wine on the regular, then you would have to pay $78 for a box of six wines. That’s $13 for each bottle!

Considering that the box will come with wine descriptions for each bottle you get, this sounds like a very fair price to pay. If you are not a fan of surprises, you can always go online and check what they are going to send you for your next selection. You can even change some of the wines, but you cannot go back to the original selection once it’s done so it can be a bit nerve racking.

Letting them surprise you each month can be fun, and you can be sure there will be wines you are going to like, because the algorithm makes the monthly selection based on your preferences and the reviews you leave on your account.

Keep in mind that for both products (subscription and monthly box) the shipment is not included in the final price and you will be charged for it separately. It can vary depending on the state you are living in, but it usually goes from $3 to $7 extra dollars.

​Public Perception (Other Firstleaf Reviews)

FirstLeaf Wine

Reviews of the service are generally good, with many satisfied customers. The company is perceived as an honest and simple approach to wine tasting and the general comment is that it’s a good solution for people who want to educate their taste in wine without complicating themselves too much.

Some argue that because you can’t really choose what types of wines you receive, it’s best suited for wine lovers that are not too picky. It’s a service that allows you to experiment with different wines every month, but if you like consistency and are looking for something more customizable, then it may not be the best fit for you.

​How It Compares

​Firstleaf is a new service but it has gotten the attention of wine subscription lovers fast.

The most remarkable feature is their prices: subscribers say that the package is a great deal overall considering that you have the possibility of swapping wines beforehand to make sure you get the ones you lie while still experimenting with their own choices for you. The initial subscription box is also a great deal compared to to other wine subscription services.

Overall, it is a flexible platform with the possibility of trying their services before fully committing to a monthly subscription, and you can choose to receive your box every month, two months or even set a specific date for the delivery. They offer a lot of flexibility to the customer in this sense.

Another great thing about Firstleaf is their ‘’100% happy client’’ policy: they will refund your money immediately if you receive a broken or damaged bottle, and even if you don’t like the wine you got! This is because their work is based on their algorithm, so they want to guarantee customers constant satisfaction.

​What We Think

​Choosing a wine subscription box service can be exciting, and you need to do your research before making a final decision.

Firstleaf is only one of many other options that we have also reviewed in other articles, so make sure to check them out and read them carefully before committing to one service.

We want you to make the best informed decision possible!

Firstleaf is overall a great platform for wine lovers, but we would particularly recommend it for beginners. Because of the surprise element it offers, they will be in charge of using the information gathered by their algorithm to send you specific wines you will probably love. The great thing about their system is that it does almost all the selection for itself and you can just relax and let yourself be surprised. All you need to do is send the reviews of the wines you receive for better customization.

​Image Source: dealmeisters.com

But if you are more of a wine expert and are looking for a more specific monthly selection, then this may not be the best option for you. It’s possible to change the monthly sample before you receive it to make sure you get the wines you already like, but you can do it only once and this will get tiring in the long run if you are looking for a more consistent delivery of one or two types of wine.

Keep in mind that Firstleaf is a relatively young wine subscription company and their system is designed for customization. The idea behind it is that you learn to build your taste as you use the service, so the longer you use it, the better the wines will get.

You could also think about it as kind of a wine diary. If you keep track of what types of wines you liked and disliked and why, then you will end up with a pretty good summary of how your taste has been evolving through time. That would be a pretty good conversation starter!

And if you don’t like mixing and matching every month, then we would suggest you try other services that are more specialized and are based on client orders and not algorithms.

It all depends on what you are looking for!

Overall, Firstleaf is an innovative wine subscription service and if variety is your kind of thing, then you will probably have a lot of fun with them. You can always give them a try with their first subscription box and see how the whole process works for you.

To make it more fun, we have some special offers you can use.

​Coupons And Deals

​​​​If you want to try Firstleaf and save some money at the same time, using coupons and special offers is a great idea.

In Groupon, you can find different offers for sales and deals of the day. All you need to do is sign up and start making the most of their special offers.

And in Promo Codes you can get between 25% and 50% discounts on selected offers. You need to check regularly for more promotions and it’s very likely that you find even better deals all the time.

Finally, one last tip:

You can set an alert in both f these sites so when a new Firstleaf deal comes up you will be the first to know!

​Firstleaf Verdict

Firstleaf Verdict

If you want to build your wine taste in a fun way, then Firstleaf is a great option for you to start with. Their algorithm makes your monthly delivery even more unique and tailored to your tastes as time goes by, so if you like surprising yourself and having fun this is the subscription for you.

We hope this review was useful. Now go have fun, and cheers!

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