FabFitFun Review: Deals, Coupons, & More

With a name like FabFitFun, we had to learn more about this subscription service and why it is so popular. Here’s everything you need to know about whether this subscription service is worth your time and money.

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Yogi Surprise
Yogi Surprise

What Is FabFitFun And How Does It Work?

FabFitFun Spring Box

It’s a subscription box that provides 8-10 premium items, 4 times a year. These products span beauty, wellness, fitness, home, food, and more. And their items are targeted towards women. They also claim each box is worth about $200, but for a price of only $49.99 per box.

When you become a member, you can choose to select your items yourself or let it be a surprise each time (depending on your type of membership).

The membership itself has some unique perks, like the FabFitFun TV service that has a constant stream of workout and wellness related content. There is also a vibrant #FabFitFun community online, especially on social media.

Once you make your first order, you will take the Personal Survey to personalize your first shipment. Then you will receive the box designated for that season. This survey also helps the company make decisions about selections for the contents of future boxes for their customers.

They claim that you can also cancel at any time, but you will have to go through contacting support to have this done manually. That’s definitely a drawback, because manual cancellations are usually more time consuming and they will likely try to incentivize you into not cancelling in the process. You also have to cancel before your next seasonal order date or you will still be charged.

And if you invest in the annual package, there is no cancellation procedure. Your annual membership just won’t renew the following year, and you won’t get any money back on the current year.

What Makes FabFitFun A Unique Company

FabFitFun's Flatlay of Products

Because this subscription service includes so many types of products, it’s less hyper-niche than other product-based subscription services. As a result, it has a wider appeal to a larger female audience.

While many subscription services fulfill a need, like contacts, razors, or even medications, this subscription service is purely for luxury and fun. None of the items are essentials, but more like a preplanned gift for yourself. They lean heavily into the #treatyoself mentality, and it’s working.

In this current climate of self-care, a subscription service like this is primed to succeed with their young, female demographic.

Another distinguishing quality of this subscription service is their high standard of customer service. They even offer customer assistance at all hours of the day or night, so you will always have a resource when you need assistance with a questions or order.

Pricing, Coupons, And Deals For FabFitFun
Membership Options

Members can choose between two pricing options:

  • Seasonal membership: $49.99 per box
  • Annual membership: $179.99 per year (also known as a Select Membership)

As you can see, the annual membership saves the average customer $20 over the course of one year.

There are definitely perks that go along with the annual membership beyond the savings. These “Select Members” receive their seasonal orders sooner than most, get early access to special offers, and their membership allows for customization of their boxes, which the regular membership doesn’t.

While the language on their website often seems like all memberships allow for personalization of the shipments each season, its only new members on their first order and Select Members on every order that can actually make specific adjustments to their shipment(s).

But what happens if you order in October, after all the September shipments have gone out? You will either receive the September box, a “Welcome Box” if it’s available, or something called the “Editor’s Box.”

The Welcome Box includes especially popular items from previous boxes and when it’s available it’s given to new members. Instead of the usual $200 value, these boxes claim to have $250 in value for their regular price of $49.99.

What’s In A Box?


To give you a deeper insight into the contents of their boxes, here’s what’s available in their most recent Welcome Box:

  • Doctor D Scwab Flawless Skin Fluid (valued at $$)
  • Ofra Brushes (valued at $$)
  • Summer & Rose Yoga Towel (valued at $$)
  • Jook & Nona Tag Necklace (valued $$)
  • Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray (valued at $$)
  • Hisy Battery Charger (valued at $$)
  • Lather AHA Hand Cream with Evening Primrose (valued at $$)
  • Popchips Ridges

As you can tell, this box ranges from skin care products, to makeup tools, to yoga supplies, to jewelry, to hair care, to electronics, and even to food! That variety seems typical of most boxes.

If you’re still curious about the contents of the average box, you can check out their support page that archives the contents of previous boxes.

You will only have access to the Editor’s Box option if their seasonal offering is sold out/out of stock. But they sometimes have special sales to purchase that season’s Editor’s Box as an add-on to your regularly scheduled order.

Special Deals And Discounts

If you’re looking for an extra deal beyond the discount of the annual membership, you’ll want to go directly to their website and scroll your cursor away from the page. An automated pop-up will appear and ask for your email in exchange for 10% of your first order.

You can also check out the online coupon company Honey for 10% your first order as well.  

Another deal included in the membership? Exclusive access to limited sales with as much as 70% price reductions. These include add-ons to your regularly scheduled box orders or even exclusive sales

Shipping Information

The shipping on all orders is free unless you live in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. So, for most customers, the box price is the price you get– no hidden fees. Unless, of course, you live in a state with sales tax, and then the appropriate sales tax will be applied at check out.

Seasonal orders ship in March, June, September, and December, but that timeline is subject to change at any time.

Gift Card Purchases

Anyone visiting their site can also choose to purchase gift cards at several price points as well:

  • $25
  • $60
  • $100
  • $200
  • $250
  • $300

You can then send that gift directly to the recipient or print out the confirmation for in-person delivery.

Talk about a perfect gift for a woman in your life that you might not know well enough to be familiar with their exact personal preferences! This service is so general with its product range that you’re sure to hit on a few things they like with their first box.

Public Perception Of FabFitFun – Everyone’s Talking!

Public Perception of FabFitFun – Everyone’s Talking!

The social media and PR hype around this subscription service is high. They’ve been featured in the following publications and platforms:

  • Bustle
  • CBS News
  • Celebuzz!
  • Forbes
  • InStyle
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Real Simple
  • Shape
  • TechCrunch
  • Women’s Wear Daily

On Instagram, they have 641,000 followers. This platform is actually a great resource for those interested in the product but still not completely clear as to what exactly will arrive in their average box. On their page, you can see health bars, simple coffee makers, lotions, makeup, socks, face masks, and more.

The same goes for Facebook, where they have over 700,000 followers. Their Facebook page is more geared towards helpful and educational content as well as showcasing their products, where you can see posts like “5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Getting Botox” and “How to Conquer an Early Wake Up Call.”

And on Twitter? They have 133,000 followers. Similar to their other accounts, they often preview products set to be released in upcoming boxes, share relevant recipes and resources. They even retweet other users that mention them or their products!

Their YouTube is also popular, with hundreds of thousands of video views. They often feature influencers and customers opening their seasonal boxes, so this is an additional resource if you are curious about the contents of an average subscription box.

Pinterest is another perfect place to check out their popular subscription box items and see the detailed artwork that accompanies every box.

Reviewers have raved that it feels like “Christmas morning” and fills them with nostalgia and joy, and others have expressed the convenience of having a high-quality source of curated products shipped right to their door.

Still others have mentioned the quantity of products as an added surprise, expecting to find small samples in their first box yet finding full-sized amounts.

Many users rave about the sheer range of products included in the fairly large box, and most users seem to enjoy the sense of suspense and surprise that accompanies each delivery.

When it comes down to it, publications, platforms, and people alike seem to truly enjoy this service when it’s a good fit with their interests and expectations.

How It Compares To Other Services

There are many players in this female-focused, subscription box market but few that combine all of the categories that FabFitFun does. Here’s a sampling of some of the popular subscription companies in this industry:

  • Birchbox: makeup, haircare, scents, and skincare, $10 per month
  • Scentbird: perfume, $14.95 per month
  • GlossyBox: makeup, skincare, $21 per month
  • Yogi Surprise: wellness, health, fitness, skin care, $44.95 per month

Yogi Surprise comes close on price, but the products are less glam and more hippie. They target those interested in organic foods, materials, and natural living. FabFitFun, on the other hand, is more mainstream, provides more products in their boxes, and has more premium, name-brand items.

Birchbox, Scentbird, and GlossyBox are more competitive in price, but include a much more limited range of products. GlossyBox has premium, full-size items from around the world, but not as many in each box.

In comparison, FabFitFun seems to combine such a diverse range of products that it appeals to a larger audience, and that has played a key role in its success and popularity.

What We Think Of FabFitFun

For women with a healthy disposable income who would like a curated delivery of premium and popular products for a range of interests and applications, we think this service is a great fit.

The pricing is reasonable for the quality and quantity of products, and they have invested real time in cultivating a warm and inviting brand that seeks to educate and help their audience with a variety of related topics.

And their seasonal boxes are carefully and artistically designed to generate excitement and hype around each one.

But if you prefer to select the products to use yourself, you might not like this service.

While it seems like customers have some say over their orders, only the Select Members and first-time members have real influence over the products they receive. And if you like a minimalist aesthetic or routine, the inherent unpredictability and number of products that these boxes can entail might be a significant turn-off.

But for most women, this FabFitFun is a pure delight that appeals to a host of interests and exceeds expectations.

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