Bright Cellars is in the business of helping you discover new wines easily.


Building your taste in wine is a tricky thing: you need to try different types to know which ones you like the most. But buying expensive wines you don’t like in the end seems like a waste of time and money.


Luckily, there are simple solutions for this kind of problem. If you are looking for wine subscription reviews, you already know there are a lot of companies that specialize on delivering wine to your doorstep, and making sure it matches your tastes as close as possible.


This takes the thinking part of buying wine almost completely out of the way. But which subscription service is best for you?


We’re here to help you choose.


In our reviews we lay down the pros and cons of many wine subscription services, so you don’t have to try them one by one. And today we are doing the same with Bright Cellars, one of the many companies that specialize in delivering wine.


What Is Bright Cellars And How Does It Work?


Wine bottles

Bright Cellars is an american wine subscription company founded by two partners with a passion for wine (don’t we all have it). They offer a monthly delivery of a box with four bottles of wine matched to your preferences, and you can review each one and keep track of what you liked, so every month your wines get better and more enjoyable.


If you are thinking about trying them out, here’s how it works:


First, you will take a quiz and answer seven basic questions about your wine preferences and the type of wines you like (red, white, rose). This will build your profile on their page and they will show you four wines that you are likely to enjoy based on the answers you gave on the quiz.


If you like your first delivery, make sure you leave a review for each wine on the profile you created when you first answered the quiz. Bright Cellars build their customers profile with an algorithm that register your taste and what type of wines you have tried, and based on your reviews they put together your next box of wine. So the longer you use this kind of service, the better your wines will get, because the algorithm will have more and more information.


The idea behind this is that you reach a point where you are tasting new wines and you love them all, because they match what you have already liked. Great wine without the stress of shopping and the guarantee that you will like it sounds like a great deal.


And if you don’t like a wine you received? You can leave a review, ask for your money back or a change, and they may even send you a complimentary bottle.


Keep in mind that the boxes are limited to four wines, so if you want to order more you would have to double up your order. You can also choose to receive your wine box every two months, or at any time interval you want, so it’s a flexible service.


So far we have covered the basics of how Bright Cellars works. Now let’s look at what sets them apart and see if what they offer helps you make a final choice.


What Makes Bright Cellars Unique

What Makes Bright Cellars Unique


Things are better when you share them, right?


Bright Cellars know that and they have an option to help you share your love for wine with your friends and family.


In their website, you can buy a gift voucher with the amount you prefer and send it to anyone you like. They will be able to go online, take the same quiz you took and place an order for themselves with the gift voucher you sent them.


This is a great idea if you are looking for a nice gift, or if you have a friend that loves wine but you are not so sure about their preferences. And it also gives them the opportunity to get to know their tastes better by taking the online quiz and using Bright Cellar’s algorithm, even for a little while.


Which is also a special thing about Bright Cellar: they designed an algorithm to help you keep track of your taste and drink better wine every single time.


When you log in, you will have an online profile of your wine preferences. Looking back on all the wines you have tried will help you understand better what you like. What’s even better, you will know what to look for next time you are at a restaurant or any place where you have to choose between different wine options.


And the system is very simple, too. Being able to order only four bottles of wine each time may seem like a restriction to some people, but it can also take the guesswork out if the process. Knowing exactly how much wine you will get each month is better for planning ahead. Their website has a very simple design and it makes it a lot easier to navigate their different options.


And because wine is better with food, you can add some cheese to your delivery!


This is an extra option that will cost a bit more. If you want to pair your monthly wine selection with a snack, you can order a selection of cheese. They will be chosen based on your wines, so you can be sure they will complement each other.


But we have not talked about the most important part of any subscription review: the pricing. Let’s see what it would cost you.




The pricing system is very straightforward: the subscription box of four bottles of wine will cost you $60 and the shipping costs $8 more. That is an average of $15 for each bottle.


It can be a little more expensive that you would expect to pay for a regular bottle of wine at a store, but you will also be discovering new wines, building up your taste palate and having a quality product delivered to your doorstep, so it all comes down to how you feel more comfortable.


The additional cheese selection will cost you $48. This will bring four different types of cheese with a size that ranges from 5 to 8 oz. each.


Public Perception (Other Bright Cellars Reviews)


Group holding wine bottles

Bright Cellars has a good reputation among its customers and most reviews are positive. One particularly good aspect of their work is their customer service, they are attentive and detail oriented. Many reviewers say that this is a really great feature because on average the company doesn’t have much more special traits. But they do simple work in a very efficient way.


Another great thing about them is the simple design of their webpage. We said it before, but reviews agree in that it’s very user-friendly, and this is a particularly good thing. Especially in the wine industry, where there are so many options, it can become difficult to choose or making sure you know how to navigate the selection process.


Their user friendly approach takes the stress out of making your selections, and it’s very appreciated by reviewers and customers.


How It Compares


But we know Bright Cellars is only one subscription service among many others, so let’s see how it ranks among its competitors.


Overall it’s a good service, with a simple system and a straightforward offer. Keep in mind that they only deliver boxes of four, so this can be limiting if you are looking for larger shipments or want to change up the amount of wine you receive. With other subscription services, you can order boxes of four, six or even twelve bottles.


The pricing is also average at a rate of $15 a bottle. Considering that you can find cheaper options that are still good at a regular store, you may want to think twice. However, it’s a quality service, very user and customer friendly and reliable. So if you are willing to spend the money, then it would definitely be a good choice to do it with them.


Finally, they do offer some special things that set them apart. The cheese platter option is a different addition to the traditional wine deliveries, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it, right? It can be expensive but again, if you are willing to spend the money, it could be worth a try.


And their boxes often come with extra coupons from partner companies. So you may get coffee, beauty or wellness coupons with your Bright Cellars box. It could also be worth a try!


What We Think


Choosing a wine subscription should be fun and simple.


And we are here to make sure that’s the case. That is why we make detailed reviews of different subscription services for all the wine lovers looking to refine their palate (and have fun while at it)


Bright Cellars is a very good option if you are looking for simplicity: there is no complicated pricing, you can pair your wines with cheese and get discount coupons when you receive your monthly box. The price can be on the higher side, but if you think you can still make the most of it, then go ahead and try them.


This is an equally good option for wine beginners and experts, because you can change your orders, leave a review on your profile, rate specific wines and keep in touch with their customer service in case you have a question or a complaint.


There are many subscription services that offer a wider variety of packages and deals, so if you are interested in having even more option, it would be a good idea to check them out. But if you are looking for something clear and to the point, then Bright Cellars can be your answer.


And, of course, you can find some deals to try their service before fully committing to them! Using online coupons and special offers is a great way to try different subscription services at a reduced rate, so you have more room to make your final decision without spending a lot of money.


Let’s look at some great deals out there.


Coupons And Deals


In you can find discount coupons, monthly subscriptions at discount and even referral prizes. Check out their page regularly because they have a big variety of offers so you will probably find something perfect for you.


Another great site to find good deals for Bright Cellars is Coupon Paste. They post regularly coupon codes for the Bright Cellars site so you can always get a special discount on any given product or box offer. Keep an eye on them too and make sure to check regularly for special offers.


Finally, at Couponchief, you can find a good combination of coupon codes and promotions. This site is great because you can find a bigger variety of offers than in other sites.


If you are still trying to decide between different subscription services, looking for coupons is a great way to try them all without fully committing to pay the total price of a subscription. Make sure you check the terms and conditions of each promotion before using it. And have fun!


Bright Cellars Verdict


A simple and friendly wine subscription service with some extra options for you will go a long way. In the end, you need to decide if the price is worth paying for but overall, this is a good service with no negative reviews so far.


Let us know how it goes!

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