By now, you’ve surely seen the way subscription boxes are trending. There’s a box for everything and everyone.

You’ve realized you’re on your last razor. No worries – your box is headed your way and it will be there just in time to make sure you get a clean shave.

The summer is coming, and you realize you don’t really have anything for your kids to do while they’re off from school. Snap! There’s a box for that, too.

From novelty one-time boxes to monthly subscription boxes, there are lots to choose from.

Why Subscription Boxes Became a Thing

Over the past 10 years or so, more and more boxes have come out in an effort to reach a larger customer base. Boxes provide customers with samples of products in hopes that consumers will eventually purchase standard-sized items. People that run box subscription companies work with vendors to give you some of the best products on the market.

Types of Subscription Boxes

There are so many types of subscription boxes out there today that range from $1 to well over $50 per month. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll surely find the best subscription boxes for you.

Novelty Boxes

Nail polish subscription boxes

Image via Nailasaurus

You’ll find boxes that are related to things like books, survival gear, and even Disney subscription boxes. You name it and it’s out there. If you can’t find a gift box for someone, then you haven’t looked here, just yet.

Women’s Subscription Boxes

There are so many different options available for women, too. If you’re into nail polish, there’s a box for that. If you like makeup, there are boxes for that. There are even boxes dedicated to ethnic women that have specialized needs.

Food Subscription Boxes

Foodies love food boxes. With the ones that you’ll find here, you can subscribe to international food boxes or meal kit boxes. If you prefer snacks, you can even find boxes that will bring you regular tidbits for you to try. There are even allergy-friendly boxes and subscription boxes made for those with gluten issues, too.

Kids’ Subscription Boxes

Kids love getting goodies every month and parents love giving kids things to do. You can subscribe to boxes like craft project boxes or educational boxes, too. There are some out there for geography, chemistry, and even kid-friendly cooking opportunities. If you have a teen or a tween in your life, you can find boxes that cater to them, too.

Crafts and Hobby Boxes

Pretty Paper Club

Image via Crate Joy

Do you like scrapbooking? Maybe you’re into the fiber arts or know someone who is. Whatever your preference is, you can find something that will fit the need perfectly. Maybe stationery is your thing – there’s a box for that, too.

Pet Subscription Boxes

Of course, Fido and Fluffy would love to get boxes, too. The pet-loving family member that you have at home probably would appreciate getting boxes from a pet subscription. Inside, you’ll find treats, toys, and other goodies that pets and their owners would love.

Home Décor Boxes

Everyone wants a home that looks like it came out of a magazine. You can have these perfect touches delivered to your home every single month if you chose to do so. It’s super easy to add that decorator pizzazz to your home with each delivery.

Fitness Subscription Boxes

If you’re a fitness guru or simply passionate about personal wellness, fitness subscription boxes are excellent options. You can find one that caters to fitness clothes, equipment, vitamins, and other related perks.

Why Subscription Boxes Work

Subscription boxes, like all the ones we’ve talked about, fill a particular niche. The reason they work is because they cater to specific needs as well as a variety of interests. With all of the different kinds of boxes available, there is something for everyone.

As a bonus, customers will usually get discounts if they order a full-sized product from the box or sometimes even get coupons that can be used for other things.

Subscription boxes are fun, too. Most customers love the surprise, so if you were to order a box for yourself or someone you know, they’ll love opening the box every time it comes in. It’s like a birthday or Christmas every time a new one comes in!

If you get a subscription for something that you’ll use regularly like a shaving club box with razor replacements every month, there’s the added convenience. Having these products dropped at your house regularly makes life easier for you.

One thing’s for sure – the excitement and anticipation that you feel when you open the box is the stuff of media viral potential. That feeling you or your loved one will get when they check the mail makes checking your mailbox fun again, or perhaps, for the first time ever!

Feature Image via Cruelty Free Kitty

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