Ever wished you could pamper that special BFF in your life? You know, the one who lifts you up when you’re down, lounges with you on the couch, plays an enthusiastic Frisby game, and maybe even says “hello” with a hearty lick to the face. Your beloved dog deserves nothing less than the best. The good folks at BarkBox review your situation and give you the perfect solution.

BarkBox offers you the opportunity to indulge your doggie every month. You’ll receive a box brimming with toys, treats, and a whole lot of specially themed love. Whether you’re petting a poodle named Frenchie or a bulldog named Butch, BarkBox claims to be the perfect bet for dog lovers young and old.

How does this subscription service for canines hold up? Find out in our BarkBox review.

The Whats and the Hows: A BarkBox Review

Straight from the high-stakes worlds of venture capitalism and social media, BarkBox is the love-child of some self-anointed and unabashed canine lovers. The makers of BarkBox assure their canine customers (and the human ones, too!) a high-quality, personalized party in a package.

Curious prospective clients can do a BarkBox review of options and can sign up for one-month, three-month, six-month, or one-year subscriptions.

After you sign up, a specially themed box will be delivered to your doorstep each month. Recent themes have encompassed such whimsical titles as Chewrassic Bark, The Knights of the Hound Table, and Sniffin’ Safari.

What’s in the box?

Every box includes the following:

  •  2 unique toys (rubber, plastic, or plush)
  •  2 all-natural bags of edible treats
  •  A chew

Toys run the gamut from balls to bones to plush stuffed animals. The tasty include the traditional and the more exotic (think alligator!), but each and every one comes stamped with the “no artificial” label.

Sometimes you’re not satisfied with the boxes you’re receiving. Other times, the contents just aren’t the right fit for your pooch. If these problems plague your experience, you can contact BarkBox. Explain your situation. They promise to modify the boxes and accommodate your dog’s personal needs.

The team also encourages customers to take a look at their enhanced offerings. Some months, you’ll have the option of adding an additional toy to your pet’s ever-growing collection.

For those canines who like to play a little rough, an upgraded SuperChewer box comes with goodies more durable than the average stuffed bear.

How much does it cost?

So by now, you’re probably wondering, “how much is this potentially sweet set-up gonna cost me?” No matter the duration of your subscription, prices stay pretty consistent at $29 per month. Upgrade and you may need to fork over a little more.

Whatever your preference, the folks of BarkBox assure you’re getting a bargain with this deal. They estimate their products collectively would cost you well over $40 if bought separately. Which begs the ultimate question: are you and your Fido getting enough bark for your buck?

Let’s make like a good bloodhound and investigate.

What do current subscribers think?

Faithful fans are in plentiful supply, according to our assessment of BarkBox reviews.

One popular site that follows shopping trends ranks this pet-a-palooza an impressive number two in all subscription box purchases. BarkBox earns the top spot at another site evaluating the top subscription services for all pets.


BarkBox reviewers loved watching their precious pets fall in love with their monthly Christmas gifts. Anecdotes aplenty abound of excited canines waiting by the mailbox or enthusiastically recognizing and opening their special deliveries on sight.

The dogs’ humans seem to derive just as much pleasure from watching their perked-up pooches in action. Many get their own thrill from discovering what fun theme is waiting to be discovered inside the box.

While the concept is a winner, BarkBox reviews on the contents are a mixed bag — or a mixed box, so to speak. A comfortable majority praise the quality of the treats, but some reviewers bemoan the mismatch with their pets’ tastes.


Toy critics, on the other hand, point to size and durability as potential stumbling blocks. A few say that the delivered toys did not survive past a few blissful days — especially the plush varieties.

Proponents, though, appreciate that even less-than-hardy toys have a toy-within-a-toy in the form of a squeaker. Fans also generally rave about the uniqueness of the themed toys and treats. They appreciate the opportunity to pamper their pooches with gifts not found in the average retail store.


The most divisive issues amongst BarkBox subscribers rests in the customer service experience.

Top-notch, prompt, and responsive are common descriptions found for BarkBox’s team. Supporters will point to the personalization and remedies that the company offered when they reached out with concerns about their boxes.

Others, however, cite issues with late deliveries or faulty transaction charges. The company seems to have experienced a warehouse relocation recently, which may be attributable to some of these potential problems.

The Best of the Rest? A Comparative Analysis

You might be wondering by now how a BarkBox review would fare against competing services. Below we’ll assess how other pet subscription boxes stack up. Our analysis includes three leading dog box subscription services: Pet Treater, Bullymak, and Paw Pack.

We will consider these services on several common standards of interest to you, the consumer, like price and box sizes. We’ll also talk a bit about what might set each service apart from the rest.

Let’s get to it!

Vetting our BarkBox review

How did we put BarkBox and other services to the test for our BarkBox review, you may ask?

Rest assured, we did a thorough deep dive into the company, its offerings, and the presentation of these offerings. We also performed a comparative analysis with renowned competitors. Factors such as pricing, available products, customer interaction, and level of personalization were strongly considered in this analysis.

We looked to the experts on subscription boxes and on doggie products for their insights into the product. Many had conducted test runs with their own pets.

The most important critic, however, will always remain you: the customer. From consumer feedback, commonly listed benefits and drawbacks to this service emerged.

With the aid of BarkBox itself, industry experts, and customers worldwide, we can offer our final assessment in this BarkBox review with a high degree of confidence.

Pet Treater

Pet Treater offers a smorgasbord of products encompassing cute outfits, grooming supplies, and even poop bags. With the addition of treat and toy fixtures, customers are impressed by the wider range of offerings. The company even offers a cat box for the feline lovers out there.

The option of tweaking box offerings based on pet size, special needs, or even just general preferences also impresses this service’s client base.

Pet Treater comes to your doorstep at a fairly reasonable price range from $15 to $25 depending on the box size you ultimately select. And with box sizes that run the gamut from three doggie delights to eight selections, Pet Treater also offers the most prize-packed boxes among our analyzed services.


This specialty service will speak to the rough-and-tumble canines of the world and the owners who love them. Each box comes packed with five or six tasty treats and super-resilient toys that can withstand even the toughest pooch.

Because Bullymake places a premium on durability, the company offers a destroyed toy replacement guarantee: an option that pleases customers frustrated by the flimsiness of other service products.

In fact, Bullymake prides itself as a haven for power chewers. This niche, however, comes with a mighty powerful price tag. Subscriptions average $39 per month, which is well above the market average. While the high price tag bristles some customers, many feel the special attention paid their lovable ruffian is well worth the investment.


If one word were to sum up this doggie subscription service, that word might be “average.” Box contents brim with the typical lineup of four to five treats, toys, and accessories. The price also falls within the standard range, at $25 to $35 per month.

While customers were fans of the slightly larger full-sized products found in their pets’ boxes, some complained that edible treats could not be customized based on a dogs’ special dietary needs.

Overall, customer feelings about the service were, well…average. The most commendable and unique aspect of Pawpack probably rests in its eco-friendly focus, which does seem to be a sincere effort at environmental consciousness.

Comparative BarkBox review final assessment

BarkBox ranks in the middle for the price range and contains an average number of products. The service, however, corners the market on fun-filled themed offerings and provides a respectable amount of customization opportunities.

BarkBox Pros and Cons

What can you expect, and not expect, from this service? Take a look at our checklist below:


  • Themes that capture the imagination of pet owners
  • All-natural treats that should meet your dog’s dietary needs
  • A diverse toy collection to rival any neighborhood pooch
  • Options aplenty for adding a personal touch to your box


  •  Hit-and-miss customer service
  •  A slightly higher price tag than some competitors
  •  Questionable longevity for some products

BarkBox Review: Barking up the Right Tree

In a relatively short time, BarkBox has earned a reputation as a premier service not just amongst dog lovers but amongst the elite subscription box offerings. We feel this reputation is mostly well-deserved.

The passion with which loyal customers speak of this service is something to behold. Endearing pictures abound of happy pups diving into their loot.

And the themes really are charming and creative. Who wouldn’t want to give their favorite doggie a bit of New York City Bark or his or her very own park pigeon to play with for hours on end?

The service has endured some well-placed criticism, but the company settled many of the disputes with a little communication.

Formerly dissatisfied customers have mentioned how BarkBox’s team adjusted the size, sturdiness, and nutritional content of their boxes in response to the special circumstances and needs of canine consumers. Customers loved the attention to detail and emphasis on customer service.

The true love of all things canine is palpable. Once the company gets its organizational kinks worked out, it should continue to grow and thrive. If you are a proud pet parent, this BarkBox review recommends dipping a toe in and seeing for yourself if this doggie heaven is a blessing in disguise.

Have you ever used a pet subscription service before? Let us know in the comment section below!

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