It’s all about giving back.

Chances are you’ve given to a charity at some point. Charities are great for fundraising, advocating and supporting those who often don’t have a voice.

How else do you show support? Every time you buy something, you’re voting for how you want the world to be.

The following companies are the perfect combination of charity and store where you can shop for all your favorite items.

Let’s Take a Look at Sevenly and Their Work

Sevenly is an apparel company based in America that donates a significant amount of the money they earn through clothing, art, and accessories to related charities.

As well as custom-made tees and accessories, they base their charitable action on 7-day campaigns that encourage their customers to purchase gift bags. These gift bags are associated with a specific charity of their choice and only available for a limited time.

Their gift bags fall under the cause and namesake “people matter.” The current give bag they have available for purchase is the Patriot Give Bag. Sevenly has teamed up with Hope for the Warriors, a charity that provides funding for wounded veterans.

This particular gift bag includes three Sevenly t-shirts that have been pre-selected. The t-shirts feature some of their best-selling patriotic themes.

They arrive on your doorstep in a canvas or burlap tote bag. Additionally, you receive a sticker that says “world changer” and $7 store credit which you can use next time you buy with Sevenly.

These give bags are only available while stocks last. Once they have run out, that’s it, until they run their next give bag charitable campaign.

Teaming up with One Up Box

Bring out your inner geek and gamer with One Up box. This company has the nerd in mind with its exciting and surprising monthly box subscription.

One Up box is a monthly box subscription. They say that they offer something creative, remarkable and unique which they think all geeks and gamers alike will enjoy.

They connect their subscribers to the very best companies when it comes to snacks, gear, toys, and art. Every month they work on another box. The contents of each box are kept a mystery right up until you open it upon delivery.

Each box contains a random assortment of 5-8 items. The value of these items collectively is always at least $40. Along with the secret arrangement in each box, you also receive a custom One Up t-shirt.

One Up box currently offers three subscription plans. The first subscription plan is just for one month. With the second plan, you sign up to receive one box a month for three months. With the last subscription plan, you receive a total of six boxes over six months.

With One Up box, you pay for your total subscription at the beginning before anything is delivered.

Explore your inner geek with One Up box.

Trying Out Conscious Box and Cause Box

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription box that is run by people who are passionate about the environment and everything natural.

conscious box

Image via The Coupon Stuff

They specialize in finding products and brands that are healthy and natural. These products can range from food and pet items to lotion and cleaning products. Because their focus is on natural products, you won’t receive anything that isn’t.

Conscious Box works hard to team up with businesses that promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Every month they search the market for small and large companies that produce items in the durable goods industry.

Cause Box is a seasonal subscription box that provides women with 6-8 hand-picked products, all carrying a story. Their mission is to make the world a better place through supporting both large and small organizations that want to do good with what they produce.

Cause box

Image via Angel

In a Cause Box, you’ll find jewelry, skincare products, homewares, artwork, and accessories. Cause Box says that their goal is to create a caring community for women. These women care about each other, themselves and the environment.

Cause Box works closely with some different charities. They help these charities reach a broader audience and raise funds. Additionally, Cause Box tells their stories through their partnership and products.

Supporting a Non-Profit Subscription Box

It’s easy to go down to your local franchise and buy the cheapest clothing available. However, the people this benefits typically stops at you.

Choose a non-profit subscription box and open a world of satisfactory products with charitable stories behind them. You’ll be helping to make the world a better place.

Feature image via Subaholic

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