Discover yourself with religion.

The dawn of the 21st century has seen a surge in New-Age ideas of where we come from, why we’re here and how we can become enlightened.

Life can get busy. It can be hard to sit down and think introspectively. While most of us have felt existential from time to time, it can be hard to achieve this regularly.

Set aside time for rediscovering who you are with a spiritual subscription box.

Check out the Goddess Subscription Box

Goddess Provisions is a monthly subscription box filled to the brim with all things spiritual and enlightening. Goddess Provisions explains that they created their monthly subscription box to share items that connect you with the divine feminine.

They are packed to grow your spiritual practice. Goddess Provisions is all about the simple pleasures in life, and purposely taking time out of your busy schedule to practice some self-love and spiritual well-being.

So, what’s in a monthly Goddess Provisions box? This care package comes with crystals that you can charge under a full moon to replenish your Zen. Spiritual growth tools will help you keep your good vibes in check. Aromatherapy will scare away those bad vibes and encourage a state of calm.

Superfood snacks will nourish you and give you the energy you need for deep meditation. Apothecary beauty will help to keep your mind and body in sync. Lastly, there will always be tea so you can make a pot to keep your insides warm and cozy.

Each Goddess Provisions box is vegan and cruelty-free. They scour the marketplace to bring you the latest and greatest in spiritual products.

Take a Look at Faith Box

If you’re a family of faith, you’ll want to check out what Faith Box has to offer. Faith Box is a weekly family time in a box that lasts for approximately 20 minutes, depending on the discussion.


Image via Faith Box

Faith Box has been made with building healthy and loving family memories in mind. It will encourage you to sit down once a week and cultivate an environment of learning, sharing, inquiry, and discussion.

It has been designed with children in mind. Its goal is for Faith Box to be the highlight of the week. It teaches the entire story of God chronologically, from Genesis and the Creation to Revelation.

The primary purpose of Faith Box is to make sharing your faith with your children a fun and easy task. Because Faith Box is hands-on and interactive, it’s ideal for children who are aged between five and twelve years old.

It teaches the Bible through stimulating and thought-provoking games and activities. This is a great way to unpack different topics that the Bible covers, week by week.

Faith Box comes with a manual, 12 magnets, a magnet board, a surprise every week, and a CD with three songs that you can sing along to.

Try the Yoga Subscription Box

Find your monthly Zen with Yogi Surprise, a monthly subscription to a surprise yoga package. Yogi Surprise aims to provide you with all the necessary items to enhance your practice.

In the Yogi Surprise package, you’ll find six to eight lifestyle elements. These can include items like soothing aromatherapy and journals that have been handmade. All their items have been carefully curated to encourage and help your yoga routine.

Additionally, you can opt for the jewelry package. This will contain two pieces of jewelry a month that can assist in rejuvenating your positive energies. Both of these packages come with fair trade, organic food items to nourish your body while you work on your soul.

The box that your Yogi Surprise comes in is entirely recyclable, so there’s no issue with waste.

Because it is a monthly subscription, you will be billed every month. Their products are natural and sustainable. Additionally, they are 100% vegetarian. The items you receive every month are always diverse in their variety and are different every time.

From handcrafted accessories to pair with your yoga mat to beauty items that are natural and cruelty-free, you can feel lighter with the Yogi Surprise monthly subscription box.

Monthly Spiritual Boxes You Should Try

Find your Zen, wish away the bad vibes and teach your children about your fundamental family values with these spiritual subscription boxes.

Whatever you do to enlighten yourself and find your true meaning, make it a regular thing by signing up for a care package that will be delivered to you once a month.

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