Your pet deserves the very best.

From excellent meals and snacks in between, to plenty of play and toys to keep them occupied. When you’re at work, the days can be long for your pet.

Keep them entertained and cared for with a monthly subscription pet box.

Let’s check out three pet boxes you should try – your pet will love you for it.

Testing out Barkbox for Your Pet

If you’ve got a dog, the chances are that it’s your best friend. You would do anything for your dog, right? If you’re usually excited to get a package in the mail, think how your dog might feel.


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Barkbox is a leading monthly pet subscription that delivers some of the best pet products right to your door. Their first subscription service starts at just $20 a month with over $40 worth of product.

Once you’ve signed up to Barkbox, your package is shipped to you immediately. The next Barkbox is always sent out on the 15th of the month, so you’ll know when to expect it.

Barkbox has a themed collection of items every month. Their package always contains two toys and two bags of treats that are always natural and free from nasty chemicals. They also include a chew that is based on the theme of that month.

One of the best things about Barkbox is their exchange promise. If your dog doesn’t like something in their Barkbox, you can send it back to them, and they’ll send you something else free of charge.

Launched in 2012, Barkbox aims at getting your dogs excited and reminding them just how special they are to you.

The Benefits of My Cat Perks

It’s easier than ever to get free stuff for your pets. If you have a cat, you might have fed it Purina Cat Chow at some point.

my cat perks

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With Purina’s My Cat Perks, you can earn rewards for feeding your cat the good stuff and writing reviews about it online. These points slowly stack up on your account with Purina. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can redeem them for items like a cat fountain and even a yoga mat.

If you share your experience with Purina online and get your friends to check it out too, you can earn even more points and get monthly items your cat will love you for.

The best thing about Purina cat chow is that it’s tasty and good for them. They’ve always got a balance of fat, protein, and fiber. Their formulas for the ultimate cat food mean that every ingredient is integral to looking after your cat.

Purina’s top priority is creating quality cat food. They have stringent guidelines set in place around the sources of their ingredients, so you know that you’re supporting a good thing.

Sign up for My Cat Perks and be rewarded for taking care of your cat.

The Best Dog Toys Pet Box

There’s no better way to take care of your dog than to treat them every once in a while. Treats are great for rewarding and showing your pooch that you appreciate them.

bark bag

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Bark Bag is a personalized monthly subscription service that focuses on the well-being of your dog. Because this is a customized service, each bag is packed with your pup in mind. The longer you subscribe to them, the better they’ll get to know your pet.

This will result in receiving the kinds of treats and toys every month that you know your dog is going to like, no matter what. Every month you will get five to seven items that include both toys and treats. All Bark Bag’s products are sourced from boutique businesses, so the support goes both ways.

Bark Bag works hard to build up a long-lasting, quality relationship with your dog so that every delivery is satisfactory. They care about your dog’s preferences and want to make sure their monthly subscription is worthwhile.

Because your dog deserves the very best, all the treats are natural and free of preservatives. While your dog might think of them as treats, you can rest assured they’re getting the nutrition they require.

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Your Pet

Pamper your pet every month by signing up for a monthly subscription box. Each delivery will bring exciting and surprising treats that are bound to keep your best friend occupied and happy.

Show your pet how much you care about them by mixing it up with a monthly delivery of toys and treats.

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