Where’s the perfect place to store your beer?

You’re tired of taking up half of the door space in the fridge, and buying another just for beer hardly seems justifiable.

While it’s nice to keep them all cold, other storage options keep them out of the way until you’re ready to chill them.

Alternatively, you can make use of the box your beer came in to design something creative.

Let’s take a look at three great ideas for DIY beer boxes you should try.

Creating your Very Own Beer Caddy

If you want something to carry your beer around in, a beer caddy is the perfect DIY project.

DIY Abbott beer box

Image via Instructables

A beer caddy closely resembles an old milk crate with a handle on top making it easier to carry. Abbotts At Home of Instructables explains how to make a vintage beer caddy. Let’s take a look at what’s involved:

  • Cut and Sand: the first thing you need to do is cut and sand your wood. You’re going to need three pieces for the walls and bottom, and two for the sides that will hold the handle in place. The sides need to be 1 inch by 6 inches, and the walls should be 1 inch by 4. Sand these down with grit paper.
  • Assembling: you can either use glue or nails to assemble the wood. If you’re using glue, let the caddy sit and dry for a couple of hours before attempting to paint it.
  • Painting: if you want to complete the vintage look, you can choose a varnish to coat it with. Once you’ve let the coats of varnish dry, you can give it a lick of paint to finish it off.

Making a Beer Box from Scratch

If you’ve drunk beer before, you’ll know what a beer box is. This is the flimsy cardboard that most six-pack and twelve-pack beers come in. When you finish your beers, you probably throw this part away.

Instead, you should get crafty with it. Wikihow explains that you can utilize this piece of recycling by turning it into a fun party hat you can wear at your next cookout.

First, you need to flatten at least three beer boxes to have the materials you need. Once you’ve crushed them completely, get a compass and make a perfect circle in the middle that correlates with the circumference of your head.

Next, you’re going to make the band of the hat. Measure the circumference of the base that you’ve just drawn and use this to cut a band of the same length.

Once you’ve done this, tape these two pieces together. You should now have the top of your hat and the band. To make the brim, measure a larger circle around the first pattern and cut it out of the beer box. Tape this to the outside of your band at the bottom where you will put your head.

Carrying Your Beer in a Beer Crate

If you’re a sucker for a DIY project and have time to put into one, making your very own beer crate can be fun. It’s a great way to store beer when you’re not drinking it.

DIY beer crate

Image via Instructables

Andrew Salomone of Make on Instructables explains that to start off with, you’ll need a saw and a drill. The saw preferably needs to be a table saw. For the wood, you’ll need one piece that is 12 by 8 inches. A conventional wood to use here is pine. You’ll also need two pieces of birch panel that measure 2 inches by a ¼ inch.

Other equipment you’ll need is glue, screws and some hemp rope. Using the table saw, cut each board roughly in half. Then cut the top and bottom pieces of the crate from the other part of the wood.

Once you’ve fitted the pieces of wood together to make sure they are even, you can glue them in place and let them dry. Make sure to tidy up any rough edges that may get in the way of the glue doing its job.

Add the rope handles by drilling two holes on either side of the crate.

Use DIY Beer Boxes for your Beer

There’s nothing better than a DIY project that includes beer. Whether you’re needing to find somewhere to store it or just wanting to get creative with the packaging, there’s fun to be had at home.

Get creative with these DIY beer box ideas and bring your mates together over some fresh new designs.

Feature Image via Northern Country Nest 

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